3 Posts that Will Get You Higher Engagement

Oct 29, 2022

Read time: 2 minutes

Today I'm going to show you three types of posts that will get you (almost) guaranteed higher levels of engagement.

Chasing engagement purely for the likes and comments without ever talking about the challenges your Dream Clients face and how you can help them overcome them, is a fool's errand. Your ego might love seeing all the action on your posts, but you'll struggle attracting clients. That's because they won't know how you can help them get to where they want to go.

Go too far the other way where new people aren't regularly being introduced to you and your message, and you're making it extra hard for yourself.

Of course, there's other ways you can get you message out there (paid ads, joint ventures, and referrals to name a few). But if you're using content as a way to attract and enroll clients, you need to know how to get engagement on your posts. Period.

Content that's getting more engagement is labelled as "good" by the algorithm and therefore shown to more people on the platform.

It's that simple.

I'm going to give you three posts with examples that you can steal, that will get you (almost) guaranteed higher engagement.


1. "Help Me Decide" Posts

Why these work:
 People LOVE sharing their opinions. And in this case, they feel like they're being helpful, which feels awesome for them.

Best time to use them: When you're launching a new website, program, book, or anything of substance where people can help you by voting.

Bonus: It makes your audience feel like they're a part of the process and a part of what you're launching.


2. Introduction + Re-introduction Posts

Why these work: Humans are social creatures and like connecting with others beyond the business facade being put on by so many.

Best time to use them: When you're starting out on a new platform or right after you've had a post blow up that's attracting a lot of new eyeballs.

Tip: Make it interesting by varying the type of stuff you're sharing in your introduction. This includes things that are unique, surprising, or personal.

Bonus tip: Apply my Magic Content Stew for having Dream Clients Come to You when crafting your list and it will help you attract clients.


3. Celebrating Milestones

Why these work: Whether it's birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, housewarmings, full moons, or Star Wars day, people love having something to celebrate. It brings people together.

Best time to use them: Anytime you have a meaningful milestone in your life or business that you're open to sharing. The two examples I'm showing here are personal but you can use them just the same when you're celebrating a milestone in your business. I've done both.

Tip: Space them out. If you're celebrating something every single week, it won't work. 

Now take these and go make your own so that you can start getting higher engagement and help more people.


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