Why Your Content Isn’t Attracting Clients

Sep 03, 2022

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Today I'm going break down in detail the content strategy I've used to attract over 200 clients in 13 countries.

If you're putting ideas out there purely to express yourself, with no desire for it to lead to you getting to help more people, that's cool. You can stop reading here. But if part of the reason you're creating online is in hopes that it will organically generate interest in you and your services, this is for you.

Get this right and your content can be enrolling people when you're unplugged, while you're with your family, and even while you're asleep.  

Unfortunately many don't get to this place. If this is you, it could be because....

  • You're putting out whatever comes to mind without an intentional approach
  • You're not crystal clear on who you're speaking to and it shows
  • You're only sharing a thin and limited version of who you actually are
  • Your "strategy" is based on having "content pillars" without understanding what moves people to take action

The worst part is you could go through all the effort of consistently showing up, growing an audience, while getting loads of engagement, and STILL not be attracting clients. I've seen it happen to people with 40K, 90K, and even 130K followers. Let's help you avoid that.

Here's the exact framework I use to regularly get messages like these below. It's called The Magic Content Stew™ for having Dream Clients come to you.  

Knowing Your Clients Better Than They Know Themselves

This is the glue that holds the entire Magic Content Stew™ together. When someone is considering working with you, there's a question they're subconsciously asking themselves: will this work for me?  

When you're speaking their language and their truth, you're helping them answer this question.  

You want all your messaging to connect with their thoughts, their values, their fears, their challenges, and their dreams. And you have to go deep.  

  • What's on their mind when they wake up in the middle of the night feeling anxious?
  • What fears are they avoiding when they fall back to bad old habits?
  • What is the real why behind the change they want to make?  

Is it that they want to lose weight or that they don't want to feel too embarrassed to take their shirt off at the beach with their friends? Do they want a promotion or do they want to feel secure in knowing that they'll be able to afford to put their kids through college or university? Is growing their business the actual goal or do they want to succeed as an entrepreneur so they can show their daughter that it is possible for a woman to do more than put themselves in second place for everyone else's needs.  

It's the difference between saying "you're feeling overwhelmed and tired" vs "you're exhausted because you've got too much going on and you're staying up late scrolling on your phone and watching Netflix after everyone else goes to bed because you don't have a minute to yourself during the day".  

Now that you have your base, the Magic Content Stew™ then has three critical ingredients.  

1. Sharing Your Story + Your Journey

There's a few ways that I see people going wrong here.

The first is they completely hide themselves behind their work. If this is you, maybe you've caught yourself thinking "who's going to care about me and my story?". Your Dream Clients care, that's who!

Coaching is personal, coaching is vulnerable.

People need to feel a connection to you to develop the needed trust to do the work. Even if you're a trainer or a consultant who works with organizations instead of individuals, someone is putting their reputation on the line to bring you into their company. They'll feel much better taking that risk if they have a sense of who you are and what you're about.

They're going to have to get to know you to decide if they want to work with you, don't make it difficult for them.  

The second way people miss the mark here is they making it ALL ABOUT them without including anything else. Think of most IG and YT influencers. I don't think I have to explain why that doesn't lead to hordes of people you're excited to serve eagerly flooding your DMs to work with you.  

The last way you might mess this up is overthinking how you want to show up to the point that your online "persona" is not a realistic depiction of who you actually are. This causes anxiety and stress as you then have to try and "keep up the front" you crafted. Your facade could be full of embellished BS, but that's not the trap I think you'd fall into.


The pitfall that I think could get you, is showing a thin one-dimensional version of yourself. When you only share a sliver of who you are and hold back on fully expressing yourself, people struggle to connect with you. Something that they can't quite put their finger on feels off. Like you're hiding something. 

The answer?  

Be a human. Humans are flawed and relatable. Talk about your mistakes, share your failures, as well as the new things you're learning on the way.  

2. Sharing Your Expertise + Unique Perspective

If you want people to hire you to help them, you have to give them a taste of how you might be able to do that. And I don't mean cranking out more mundane: Five Ways You Can Blah Blah Freaking Blah posts either.  

Ask hard questions.
Show your passion for the subject.
Point out blind spots they're missing.
Challenge assumptions in your industry.
Take a stand for something that not everyone agrees with.

If you're barfing up the obvious things that anyone could say without infusing your passion or personal perspective, you're just more boring noise in a busy feed.    


3. Showing Proof That Your Sh!t Works

This is the final piece that brings it all together. Skip it and people will feel like they know you and have a sense of the kind of work you do, but they'll be uncertain if you can truly help them get the results they so deeply desire. They'll hire your competitors who are showing proof instead.

If you're starting out and don't yet have evidence of how you've helped others, start by sharing the results you've achieved for yourself. Then offer to work with a few people for free in exchange for them providing you with testimonials.  

Remember: the Magic is in the mix. Take out any ingredient and it doesn't work.  


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