Maybe you DON'T want to fill your calendar

Why You Maybe DON'T Want to Fill Your Calendar

Jul 15, 2023

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The promise sounds good, here's why it's terrible for you.

If you've got an online profile on any platform that lists you as a coach or consultant, you've likely received messages from people promising to fill your calendar with calls. Maybe they'll even say they'll get you your own "setter" (otherwise known as an appointment setter).

Here's examples of a few I've recently received.



The problem?

They're promising to fill your calendar. Period. And they'll do it with any means possible.


Automated tools and cold spammy impersonal messages. The ones that burn bridges and ruin relationships before they even had a chance to start. All with people who could've possibly been an awesome client in the future......had their introduction to you not been such a turn off.

What about the calls they'll put in your calendar?

They'll be with people who don't really know who you are, how you think, or what's unique about you. They won't fully understand how much working with you would not only help them achieve X, but transform every aspect of their life due to the positive cascading effects. And possibly worst of all, they won't feel any connection to you.

This sets you up for terrible conversations.

Ones where the people who bother showing up to the calls (lots of them will ghost you) aren't committed. They see you as a commodity and are looking for deals. And the only hope you have of turning them into clients is with harder sales tactics.

How do I know this?

I've had a couple people come to me for help after they'd spent tens of thousands of dollars with these kids of services. They were drained and frustrated. One of them was even close to throwing in the towel on their dream due to the bad experience.

Want to build a business that you're both proud of and will last?

Get in the mindset that you're in this for the longer haul. You're playing a longer game. One that focuses on fostering relationships instead of outsourcing a key part of your business to someone who'll make people feel like a cheap transaction on your behalf.




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