Want More Clients?

Want to Impact More People? (You Have to Do This)

Mar 02, 2024


Do you want more clients?

You're going to have to get you + your message in front of new people. Period. You can't help anyone if no one knows who you are and you can't grow your business if you're not regularly getting your message in front of new folks.

Unfortunately, some say they want more clients, but avoid putting their message out.

I've spoken to hundreds of incredible coaches + consultants who are holding back on spreading the word about what they do. Even though, they're awesome at their craft. And even though, their work literally changes people's lives.

Their reasons vary.

Some wonder whether anyone cares about what they have to say. Others fear looking egotistical for "tooting their own horn". While some are concerned about doing anything that could be possibly seen as pushy or manipulative.

If you're holding back on getting your message in front of new people, you have two choices...

  1. Being content with the amount of clients you have (and for you, that might mean only doing this as a hobby).
  2. Figuring out how to get your message out in a way that both generates interest for your services AND feels authentic for you.

If you're reading this, I'm going to assume you fall into the second group. So there's hope. And it starts by understanding the six main ways you can get you + your message in front of new people.

They are...

  1. Networking.
  2. Getting referrals.
  3. Running paid ads.
  4. Doing cold outreach.
  5. Publishing organic content.
  6. Collaborating with others who
    have an audience, stage, or community.

But how do you know which one you should focus on?

That depends on several factors. Including, where you currently are in your business journey. Figuring out which approach is right for you is one of the things we'll be covering at Wednesday's workshop "Get More Clients Without Selling Your Soul".

If you're not one of the 47 people already signed up for the workshop, you can claim your spot here so you don't miss out.

P.S. I'll see you next Saturday with a crazy story of how a client went from getting few inquiries to having an inbox full of DMs asking for calls simply by reframing an offer they've always had.



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