Uniquely Stand Out + Attract Clients (a gift)

Jun 01, 2024

It's an instance where being told you're "one in a million, baby" is not actually a compliment.

When I search on LinkedIn, this is what comes up...

  • 1+ million mindset coaches
  • 2+ million speaking coaches.
  • 4+ million leadership coaches.
  • Over 5 million branding experts.
  • And more than 30 million consultants.


How the heck can your message stand out in that noise? Without doing anything that feels icky. All while making sure that you're attracting clients you're excited to serve?

So I have a gift for you.

My guess is that you got into doing what you do because you love the work and the massive impact it has. It's rewarding. You want to do something that feels meaningful while creating more freedom for you + your family.

And you're damn good at what you do, too.

But no matter how excited you are about the thing you actually do, you're maybe not as excited about getting the message out + having to do enrollment (what others might call "marketing" + "sales"). And you definitely don't want to do anything that doesn't feel right. And the last thing you'd ever want to is look like you're bragging or to make people feel pressured.

That's why I'm giving you this gift.
It's an introduction lesson from my Content That Creates Clients program. The full course is no longer something that you can get on its own. Instead, it now comes for free when you join the Growth Habit Crew community.

What's included...

  • 4 things you need to start defining to genuinely stand out
  • The critical piece that many coaches + consultants overlook when it comes to attracting awesome clients with their message
  • A worksheet to easily flesh out your unique voice.

Grab the worksheet here.
(no sign-up or anything, just click through).

See you next Saturday where I'll be sharing a huge insight I got from being at an incredible mastermind full of heart-centred leaders in Austin this week.

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