It's Blowing My Mind

This Has Never Happened (Ever)

May 04, 2024

In the five years of running Growth Habit, I've never had this happen.

And it's kind of blowing my mind. People who have no idea who I am, and have not previously seen a single piece of my content, are enthusiastically applying to join The Growth Habit Crew. It's happening within hours of them coming across the offer and without needing to speak with me first.

And when I look these folks up, I can't help but cheer.

Why? Because they're intentional, creative, and empathetic people who are damn good at what they do. They're doing work with meaning and they lead with heart. These are folks who care, immensely.

And it's not only strangers excitedly raising their hands...

It's people I first met two or three years ago, who I clicked with, but for various reasons, never previously jumped into working with me. It's folks who've been in my orbit for some time, that I didn't even realize were paying attention. It's previous clients, who I absolutely love as humans, saying heck yes to working with me in a new way.

And if all that wasn't enough...

People in the program are publicly making unprompted testimonials like these:

Grateful isn't a strong enough word for what I've been feeling. I've cried tears of joy on more than one occasion. And I've been reflecting on how I got here and what you can learn from it.

1. Follow the Freaking Nudges

I never set out to "create a community".

But I realized early in my coaching journey that the people I was serving were so kickass, that they'd love each other. So I held a couple virtual meet-ups and created an online place for them to connect. It wasn't fancy.

It started as just a private FB group.

I chose that as the spot simply because it was easy + (almost) everyone had a FB account. But then one week I onboarded two different clients who said that they intentionally didn't have FB accounts. And when I sat with it, I realized that between Brexit, elections, and c*vid, I hadn't enjoyed the heavy vibe on FB for awhile.

So I moved us to a different platform.

It remained free for everyone, including previous clients who weren't actively in a program. It didn't have much structure. I shared behind the scenes of things I was learning and hosted the occasional free workshop or challenge for the group. Then in the Spring of 2023, I launched a new flagship program that included an intentional community element.

And with that, we began putting on regular events, workshops, and guest sessions.

Some were private for those in the paid program, while other events remained open to everyone at no cost. And engagement in the online forum started picking up. Folks began sharing ideas, asking questions, and celebrating wins more frequently.

You could feel the energy shifting.

That's when I started noticing a trend in client comments. One said this community is "f*cking awesome", another told me "you don't realize what you have, you have a community", while a third credited their immense growth to the group as it was "an environment for people to thrive". 


I got the message.

You can create things you * think * people want, or you can build what folks are outright telling you they're enjoying and want more of. One of those is a gamble, the other has a much higher certainty of success.


2. Iterate, Iterate, and then....Iterate More

I've launched several group programs since 2019.

Some sold out, like my six-week "Reboot" program in the Spring of 2020 where I filled all twelve spots. While others totally flopped. Example: Only one person signed up for my "Have Dream Clients Coming to You" program in the fall of 2022.

But if you're willing to examine the duds, they make great teachers.

I believed in the "Have Dream Clients Coming to You" program. And it's not simply that I'd pushed hard to put it all together, it was based on things that I knew worked. I'd seen how clients who applied the strategies in it had got results.

But what I thought didn't matter, others clearly didn't feel the same.

So I began iterating on my frameworks. I created new tools + refined everything I had based on client feedback. And I experimented with mini-programs under different names.

I spent a year tweaking it all.

And after twelve months of trialling the improved material with clients, I had a brand new program that I was now extremely confident in. It's name? Content That Creates Clients.

I launched it in the fall of 2023.

Folks were eager to enroll and 15 people from 6 different countries signed up. The group calls were engaging, and the feedback I got from people afterwards was outstanding. It's rare that you'll hit a home run on the first go, you have to be willing to spend time, energy, and focus on iterating.


3. Make It Easy to Say Yes

It's not just about what you're offering, your confidence in it, and what it's called.

If you want people excitedly saying yes, it has much to do with how the entire thing is framed. It doesn't matter how good the food is, if you're presenting it on a garbage can lid, people aren't going to want to eat it.

Here's how you make it easy peasy for folks to say yes.

Help Them Answer This Question

All your potential clients are subconsciously asking themselves a question: Will this work for someone like me? And the best way to help them confidently answer this is by being crystal clear on exactly who it's for.

Who is the Growth Habit Crew for?

Purpose-driven coaches, consultants, and experts that want to grow both their business and their impact, without doing anything that feels icky. It's not only clearly stated, enrollment is by application only. We're serious about vetting who joins.

Load the Value

If people feel that the value of what they're receiving far outweighs the investment, the decision is easy to make. The Growth Habit Crew comes with live weekly calls, the supportive online community, and access to my best tools, templates, and lessons.

This includes...

  • My Rocketship Method + Enrolling at Scale with a Launch framework, which were previously only available to my 1:1 clients and those in a $6000 program.

  • Content That Creates Clients which sold for $395 on it's own.

  • Enroll Clients with Ease which was a $195 program.

  • How to Organically Soar on LinkedIn

  • And a brand new module with three "Get More Clients Now" frameworks.

That's a whole heck of a lot for only $98 usd a month.

Reduce the Risk

If they know it's for someone like them and they believe they'll receive immense value, the last thing you need to do is reduce the risk. No one wants to make a decision they'll regret. And unfortunately, plenty of people have been burned with purchases that looked great from the outside but didn't turn out to be the case once people were inside.

Help them feel safer in taking action by reducing their risk of regret.

You can do that by offering a guarantee:

And unlike lots of other offers out there, including mine, Growth Habit Crew has something unique that reduces the risk even further. It's month to month. There's no lengthy three, six, or twelve month commitment.

If something changes on your end, you can hop out at anytime.

Now go follow the freaking nudges, commit to iterating until you have something incredible, and make it easy for people to say yes so you can help more people.

Curious about Crew?
Enrollment for Growth Habit Crew re-opens on May 6th and will be open for six days only. You can check in out + apply here.


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