The Problem with How-To Content

Jun 24, 2023

Read time: 2 minutes

A couple years ago, our teenage daughter grew a faceless and niche TikTok account to 7K followers in a couple months. At its peak, it was growing by several hundred new followers a day. But then she forgot the password and couldn't remember what email she'd created the account with.

Why am I sharing this?

To show that even though she can be forgetful, she knows a thing or two about sharing a message and growing an audience. It's why my ears perked up when she asked me this question last week: Is it possible to be an online creator and not get stuck in having to talk about the same things forever?

What happens when your interests change?

If you're reading this, I know a couple things about you. First, you aspire to be much more than an "online creator" because this work has deeper meaning for you. You're channeling your expertise and the life-changing experiences that have shaped who you are to help others feel more purpose, clarity, and confidence.

And second, your path of self-discovery is ongoing.

You're evolving, you're growing, and you're not looking to be boxed in. So how do you avoid getting stuck having to talk about the same things forever? Or worse yet, having to start all over again at zero with no audience in the future when you can no longer contain your drive to evolve?

By showing up as a whole human.

By not falling for the common trap of only sharing tips, how-to content, and info directly related to your work. By sharing who you are as a person outside of the work as part of your content. Why?

It allows the people that come across your message to connect with YOU, beyond the work.

Making it possible for them to feel a bond with you. One that runs deeper than whatever the thing you're currently obsessed with is. Unlock this, and people will follow you as you continue to grow.

It won't just help you in the future, either.

With the exception of perhaps selling coaching services to a corporate company, people buy COACHES not coaching. But even in those corporate situations, there's a human making a final decision on who they're going to work with, and people buy from people.

  • People they feel they know.
  • People they trust can deliver.
  • People they feel are being real.
  • People they feel connected with.
  • People who they believe like them in return.
  • People who have traits/results they aspire to have.

So don't make it so damn hard for someone to get to know the real you.

The you that your partner loves, the you that your clients get to see in private, the you that your close friends appreciate so freaking much. Show your hobbies, your quirks, your flaws, and your passions so that people feel connected to you, so that you're not forever pigeon-holed, and so you can help more people.



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