Surprising Niche (With Countless Inbound Inquiries)

Feb 17, 2024


"It's created a wealth of opportunity for me and the impact that I'm having thanks to that is massive."

Today, I want to introduce you to Chris Atwell.

When we first started working together, he felt a pull to share content online about habits, peak performance, and discipline. It was a way to keep himself grounded as he navigated the isolation of the pandemic while helping others. But he had a feeling that it could be a lot bigger.

He had a screaming sense inside him that he could help way more people.


He's THE go-to coach in his industry, is getting countless inbound inquiries, and has industry associations reaching out to him asking him to give keynotes and lead workshops. He's been able to leave his six-figure job and knows he's having massive impact.

How'd we get him here?

  1. Got him absolute clarity on who he served and who his Dream Clients are. He's become one of the most hyper-niched clients I've ever worked with.
  2. Taught him how to win on LinkedIn and create a system that's helped him make a name for himself while generating countless inbound inquires.
  3. Supported him when he struggled with imposter syndrome and his confidence was shaken.

Watch the full interview with Chris to learn...

  • The surprising + mega specific niche he coaches in.
  • The mistake he sees other coaches + consultants make that stop them from achieving the ultimate success they want.
  • How his 1:1 coaching offer naturally feeds into a bigger coaching + training program that he sells for tens of thousands of dollars.

How well is Chris doing?

He billed more in the first 11 days of 2024 than he did in the entire first half of last year.

See you next week.


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