Stop Editing Your Headline (Do This Instead)

Apr 29, 2023

Read time: 2 minutes

Your one-liner.

You've got it on all your socials. It acts as an elevator pitch of sorts, telling the world what you do. And on a platform like LinkedIn, it even follows you on every comment you make and sits above your DM conversations.

It's no wonder that you've edited your headline over and over (and over) again.

Should you say you help people "find their dream job" or "land their dream job"? Is "purpose-driven" or "heart-led" better? Do you help "ambitious leaders" or "aspiring leaders"?

The overthinking never stops.

"I help martians kidnap more humans so they can hit their abduction quota without getting spotted by Nasa."

Your headline is not what attracts clients. I attract a lot of creative folks, that's not because my headline says "I help creative people do X". It's because I have a background in music and express myself creatively in my content.

I became a Habits Coach in 2019.

How did I get started? People began asking me if I could help them with their habits after seeing me share my powerful journey with habits on IG. I've had several clients with HR, recruiting, and leadership coaching expertise in the last four years.


Because I spent a dozen years in HR and Talent roles. Including, half a decade as head of People & Culture in tech companies where coaching leaders was a part of my role. And my goal was never to "coach coaches and other purpose-driven consultants" like I do now. 


But awesome coaches and consultants doing impactful work began asking to "pick my brain". They wanted to know how I got clients overseas and started with a full coaching roster when I quit my Director level role. After the third one came asking for advice in a ten day span, I realized the universe was giving me another nudge.

You don't attract clients based on what you SAY YOU DO.

You attract clients based on who you are.
Based on what you regularly talk about.
Based on what you actually do.

Think of your headline as just the title of your book.


Instead of continuing to endlessly edit your headline, ask yourself:

  • Are you being consistent and reliable?
  • Are you showing your skills and experience?
  • Do you engage when people comment on your stuff?
  • Does your content make your Dream Clients yell “HELL YES!”?
  • Are you showing proof of what happens when folks work with you?
  • When people message you, are you making them feel like an individual?
  • Are you intentional about taking care of yourself and fuelling your energy?
  • Are you doing bold sh!t that's inspiring to the kind of people you love to serve?

I know your ego wants the "perfect", succinct, and hopefully even clever headline, thinking that will magically solve all your problems. But that's not what will have Dream Clients knocking on your door, signing up to work with you, and confidently sending referrals your way.

Now stop fussing with your headline and focus on the things that matter so you can help more people.

See you next week. 



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