Booked 11 calls in a few days

She Booked 11 Calls in a Matter of Days

Mar 09, 2024


She went from having barely any interest in her free calls to getting loads of DMs + booking 11 calls in a matter of days.

Today, I'm going to break down how she did it.

It doesn't matter if you call them...

An intro.
A discovery.
A chemistry call.
A game-plan builder.
Or a full-on free taste test.

Most coaches, consultants, and experts offer some kind of free call as part of their business model.

It's a great way for you to connect more deeply with someone, understand their needs, and see if there's a potential vibe. But if EVERYONE offers free calls, they're easy to ignore. So how do you frame yours in a way to get folks to pay attention + care?

It starts by understanding that it's an offer.

Even though the call is "free", someone has to choose to exchange their time, energy, and a bit of trust to take you up on it. In this week's workshop, I covered mistakes you need to avoid when creating offers. I walked through an example of a sold out group program offer I previously had.

And showed how changing the way you frame something can dramatically impact the perceived value of it.

That's exactly what recently happened with my client Autumn. She went from rarely having anyone inquire about her free calls, to getting loads of DMs and booking 11 calls in just a couple days. On top of that, 14 people reposted her offer to help her spread the word about her free calls.



How the heck did she manage this?

  • Autumn focused the offer around something she's extremely passionate about: Making coaching accessible + allowing people to experience coaching for the first time. I don't know that I've ever met anyone as passionate about spreading the positive power of coaching as Autumn. You can't fake this kind of energy. People feel it + it's contagious.


  • This offer isn't for everyone. By ensuring that no one could possibly feel "left out" from what you're offering, you also ensure that no one could possibly feel "called in". Autumn specifically called in a group she not only loves serving, but is hyper-relevant to: Misfits, Geeks, Rebels, & Nerds.


  • She enrolled others into helping her spread the word about her offer by wrapping it in a mission that people would feel good getting behind: Giving away 75 free hours of coaching with the goal of helping 100 people in 2024 experience coaching for the very first time.


It was awesome to see Autumn beaming about the outcome on one of our group calls last week: "I want to remind everyone that these free coaching calls have always been something I've offered". When you change the way you frame your offers, you can drastically change your outcomes + impact.

Speaking of offers...

I made possibly the craziest (and definitely the most unique) offer I've ever made this week.

See you next Saturday,

P.S. Get More Clients Workshop Replay - You can watch the full 55 minute workshop here.

P.P.S. The Growth Habit Crew community kicks off on Monday March 18th.


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