My Weird AI Prediction

Jul 22, 2023

You will witness a flood of online AI personalities with human-like qualities in the next decade. They'll be able to seem empathic, or funny, and have relatable quirks. It will be hard to tell them apart from real people.

Even in videos.

When this happens, governments will begin passing laws making it mandatory for accounts to clearly specify if they're human or AI. Similar to how products are currently required to list what country they're manufactured in.

And because some people are jerks...

A few will lie. They'll dupe people and grow a massive following using an AI personality pretending to be human. And when they get busted, it will make big headlines.

I may have the order of the last two events backwards.

As in, it's the people caught lying that will lead to the new government laws. But I am confident in my prediction. It's inevitable.

Do you feel that's too far-fetched?

You can already create an AI avatar of yourself with tools like Synthesia and there's several platforms where you can make a talking AI avatar. But the tools are still a bit janky. Either the voices feel stiff, the video looks fake, or the synching of the lips to the words being spoken are slightly off.

When you separate the parts however, insane lifelike AI quality already exists...

  • Look at how realistic the images from the site This Person Does Not Exist are.
  • Check out the unbelievably lifelike clips from the upcoming video game Unrecord.
  • And listen to how well Eleven Labs can clone anyone's voice to make it naturally say the words you type.



The ingredients are all here.

The rate of improvement with these tools is not only fast, it's accelerating. It won't be long until the high-quality and realistic aspects of AI images, audio, and video converge into something that will be hard for us to separate from a real person.

So what can you do?

Stop Dragging Your Ass

If you're still dragging your rump on getting serious with building an online presence, this is your sign to take action. Get on it while it's still easily possible. It wasn't that long ago that the only people who could broadly share a message either had to already be famous or had to be chosen by a gatekeeper in a big media company.

And it often required both.

You no longer need someone else's permission to have a platform. But this wild opportunity we've all had for the last two decades to easily amplify a message we feel passionate about to hundreds if not thousands of people, is fading. As AI tools continue making it easier for anyone to be pump out brainless content, it's only getting noisier out there.

You can say you want to help others, make a difference, and have an impact on the lives of people by showing them there's another way.

But you can't help anyone if no one knows who you are.

Do What the Robots Can't

If you're already sharing your message online, do what the robots can't yet do: show your full, complex, and messy humanity. That means sharing your ideas that feel bold and telling the tales that make you feel vulnerable.

Show your art + express yourself.

Dance, sing, and show your rough sketches. If you want people to connect with you in a way that simply isn't possible with ChatGPT drivel: Share your story. Fully.

Including the failures, bad decisions, and scars you collected on your way to where you are today.

Create More Human Connection

The one thing AI can't do is create genuine human connection. So don't build an audience, build a community. Bring people together online, create in-person events, and build space for genuine conversations, human connection, and human touch.


Now go amplify your message, share your true, complex, and honest humanity when you do, and create space for genuine human connection so you can help more people.



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