Just F**cking Create

Just F**King Create (Plus Hang With Me in Toronto)

Jan 13, 2024


A lot of people recommend making long-form content first and then repurposing it into smaller pieces. It's not new. The famous Gary Vee 86 page deck that broke down his process for documenting and repurposing content is over 5 years old.

It's wise advice.

Once you have a newsletter, a podcast episode, or YouTube video made, it's easy to pull smaller chunks from it and share those on other channels. But what if you really are pressed for time?

What if...

You're a single parent?
Or you've got young children?
Or you're building this business while still working full-time?

Just f*cking create.

Even if it's small. Even if you never intend on publishing it. Even if you don't yet see how it fits into a bigger picture.

Because it also flows in the other direction.

Once you're in the habit of frequently creating, it's easier to make bigger things. While I definitely have taken inspiration from my newsletters to create shorter content elsewhere. It's also gone in the other direction where something I originally shared as a post, became the seed of a deeper dive in a newsletter.

It's not just with my newsletter.

The spark for my book came from me writing + sharing on LinkedIn. It was easy to start writing the book because I'd already written some of the stories as posts. That allowed me to write the first draft of the book in just 43 days.

And I'm being reminded of this as I work on my talk for Speaker Slam.

It's come together easily as I'm not starting from scratch. I've been able to pull ideas from things I've already written. So just f*cking create.

Don't wait.

You're a creative creature who's here to make things. And publishing small stuff will make it easier for you to create bigger things in the future.


P.S. - Live in the Toronto area? Come see me on stage at Speaker Slam on January 30th as I compete against 9 other incredible speakers. Never been to one of their events? The Speaker Slam community is full of kickass humans and I can guarantee that you'll experience a night of awe + inspiration.

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