It's Easy to Get Wrong

It’ll Make Everything in Your Business Easier (And It’s Scary)

May 18, 2024

It's easy to get wrong.

I was on a group coaching call with clients who were there to get feedback on their messaging. At a first glance, you might assume that two of them could practically say the same thing to connect with their clients. Why?

They were both speaking to people in office jobs about burnout.

Sounds quite specific, right? And that's the trap. Because once we scratched below the surface, the differences between the two were immense.

How's that possible?

One of them serves leaders in mission-driven organizations and the other works with MBAs in high-pressure firms.

  • Burnout in non-profits are often attributed to "mission fatigue" (The emotional and physical exhaustion that develops over time when you're either faced with a problem that feels incurable or a very large volume of similar issues, resulting in an inability to react sympathetically or empathetically to a crisis, problem, or need).

  • While 16 hour days in the office + 1am emails are a badge of honour in high-pressure firms that are driven by competitive performance + highly demanding (and high-paying) clients.

The culture, environment, and causes of burnout are drastically different.

What you'd say to connect with one group would be potentially off-putting to the other. Do you want your words to resonate so deeply with someone that they think "oh shit, they really get me, and this is exactly what I need"? Then you need to get a lot more specific about who you serve.

And what might be more frightening...

You need to be willing to have your message speak so clearly to those people (and only those people) that it could be potentially off-putting to those outside of that group.

If you're reading this, I can say with a high-degree of confidence that ....

  • You've often been the go-to person that friends, family, and co-workers seek out for guidance + advice.

  • You're doing this work because you care deeply about the positive impact it has on others.

  • You've been through some difficult crap in your life, career, health, or business that forced you to change your approach + the way you were doing things.

  • Now that you're on the other side of it, you want to take what you've learned on your journey to help others. It's either directly connected to your personal transformation or you charted a new unrelated path for yourself as part of your big breakthrough.

  • You've been in draining jobs where it felt like your life + schedule were under someone else's control and highly value the freedom you're creating for yourself.

  • You're at a stage in your life where you make decisions with great intention. You're deliberate about where you spend your energy, your time, and how you approach your relationships.

  • You either see yourself as a "creative person" or are wanting to connect more with your creativity. Either way, you want to enjoy the ride.

  • You're determined to make your business work and understand the importance of getting your message out (marketing) + enrollment (sales) but don't want to do anything that feels out of alignment to grow your business.

How can I say all this with such clarity?

Because I've been obsessed with understanding who my Dream Clients are for half a decade. "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" (Theodore Roosevelt). The best way to show someone you care?

Show that you specifically understand them, their unique perspective, their challenges, and their big bold goals.

I'll see you next Saturday.



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