How Tom Hanks Can Help You Enroll More Clients

Oct 14, 2023

If Tom Hanks walked in the room right now, would you feel like you know him?

I asked the group at my in-person event this question last month. Everyone said yes. One person shouted "it's dad!".

Why do we all feel like we know Tom Hanks?

And why did one person go as far as to say that they see him as a father figure? It's because he represents an extreme example of the power of para-social relationships. What the heck are those?

They're one-sided relationships.

And they're based on an assumed intimacy someone feels even though they don't have an actual relationship with that person. Para-social relationships create a subconscious feeling of "this person is my friend, I know them". It's a one-way bond.

It doesn't just apply to blockbuster movie actors, either.

Think of the lesser-known performers, musicians, or athletes that you respect and admire, are there any that you feel that you know because of how much of their stuff you've consumed? What about podcasters, YouTubers, or folks you follow online? Do you feel like you have a relationship with any of them?

I do with some that I don't even actively follow.

I feel like I have a personal relationship with Glennon Doyle and I don't follow her on any platform. How is that possible? Because my partner Melissa loves Glennon. Thanks to Melissa I've not only read Glennon's book Untamed, but we often listen to her podcast together. Especially when Melissa comes across an episode that she thinks I'll dig.

Sharing your ideas online isn't just about getting in front of people.

It's about allowing folks to build a relationship with you. How much easier do you think it is for someone to say yes to becoming your client if they feel like they already know you before they get on the Zoom call? Exactly.

Familiarity feels comfortable and comfort signals safety.

You want people to sign-up, hire you, and enroll in what you're offering? You need them to feel connected to you. You need them to feel safe with you.

It's one of the things we're going to cover in the Content that Creates Clients Workshop next week.


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