How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn (+ a Gift)

How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn (+ a Gift)

Apr 27, 2024

You want to grow your business.

But with so many platforms to choose from, why should you care about leveraging LinkedIn to help you help more people? Here's a few reasons to consider: LinkedIn was ranked as the most trusted platform in surveys by Business Insider for six years in a row, Pew Research showed that 50% of US based LinkedIn users had a household income of more than $75K, and only 1% of LinkedIn’s monthly users regularly post.  

Think about what that adds up to...  

People consider it a credible source, those on the platform have the means to pay for your services, and it's much easier for you to stand out with your message since most on the site are not regularly publishing content.

There's no other place like it.  

Here's 4 of the most powerful features + aspects of LinkedIn and how to get the most of them.


1. The Insane Search Function

On LinkedIn, you can search people by.....

Job title.
Where they live.
Where they work.
Schools they attended.
And the industry they're in.

While I suggest you focus more on what's called psychographics when defining your Dream Clients. That's the values, beliefs, desires, goals, interests, and the way they see the world. Why? That'll allow you to craft messaging that deeply resonates with the folks you want to serve and ensure you're attracting people you actually enjoy working with.

But having at least one demographic aspect for your Dream Clients makes them much easier to find.

My Dream Clients are coaches, consultants, and experts doing meaningful work. They're damn good at what they do, have high empathy, tend to be more creative, and care deeply about the impact of their work. They've been through some tough things in their life, career, or relationships and now that they're on the other side of it, are using what they learned to help others. They value their freedom, believe that you can be the intentional creator of your life, and that a business can be run in a genuine, aligned, and intentional way without the sleaze. They have a story to tell and believe that the ride is more enjoyable when you're having fun and openly expressing yourself.

Most of that can't be put into a search bar, except for coach or consultant.

And it doesn't have to be just based on their role. I have a client who has realized that most of her Dream Clients have graduated from a short list of top schools. This is something she's easily able to search for on LinkedIn.


2. Second to Only Tinder + Hinge

Other than dating apps, LinkedIn is the place where people are most open to connecting with strangers. So once you've found people you might be able to serve, send them a connection request.

Crucial Connection Tips:

  • If someone has their default button switched from "Connect" to "Follow", click on "More" and choose "Connect" from the drop down list. If you just follow them, they might not notice, you won't be able to message them, and they won't see your content in their feed.

  • When possible, include a personalized message with the connection request. They're way more likely to accept when there's a personalized note. Unfortunately, this is so valuable that LinkedIn started limiting how many personalized messages you can send for free with connection requests without having a paid account last year.

  • You can currently send up to 100 connection requests per week. I wouldn't let them go to waste. If I was one to place bets, my guess is LinkedIn will reduce that number sooner rather than later.


3. Still Loads of Organic Content Reach

Once people are connected to you + in your orbit, they'll start seeing your content.

While the wizards behind the LinkedIn algorithm seem to forever be making tweaks, and the content reach isn't as bananas as it was a couple years ago, there's still loads of organic traffic available to those publishing ideas on the platform.

Here's the stats for three of my posts from the last couple weeks:

And you don't need crazy numbers like this for your content to create clients.

You just need your message dialled in + be putting it in front of the right people. A client of mine got three inbound inquiries off a post a few weeks ago and two of those turned into clients. But their post only had 300 views after the first 8 hours.


4. Fully Showcase Yourself

If you're using it right, it's the most powerful profile.

When I started Growth Habit in 2019, I signed dozens of coaching clients and did tens of thousands of dollars worth of business before I had a website. I was able to do that in large part thanks to LinkedIn and it's incredible profile features. You get a big banner, a 2600 character About section, a clickable link, a featured section, and so much more.

No other platform gives you this much real estate to showcase yourself.

Unfortunately, many people either don't know all the features of a LinkedIn profile. Or worse, they use them wrong. So here's a gift for you: a free 26 minute training that shows you exactly how to turn your LinkedIn Profile into a magnetic page that enrolls Dream Clients for you.  

Now go start fully using these features + functions on LinkedIn so you can help more people.

I'll see you next Saturday.


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