How to Create Kickass Client Case Studies

Apr 22, 2023
Read time: 2 minutes
Today I'm going to give you an easy to use framework for creating kickass client case studies.
Case studies are a powerful form of social proof. They not only allow you to show that your sh!t works, but case studies let you paint a fuller picture of the progress a client has made while working with you.
Let's start by showing you an example.
When Samantha and I first started working together four months ago, she had paying clients and worked full-time as a coach. She felt that her coaching business was "on the up", but she knew she was holding herself back out of fear. She wanted to refine her messaging, narrow her niche, and was looking for guidance to help her further step outside of her comfort zone.

She knew she was a good coach and wanted to increase her rates.

But was hesitant to do so.
Samantha's not only increased her rates, but we were discussing her progress yesterday and she's made almost as much in the first 3.5 months of this year as she did in all of 2022. While the money is nice, she was glowing as she shared that our work helped her "really increase her confidence" and "remember why she became an entrepreneur, and the impact and life she wants to have."
How'd we get her here?

We narrowed in her focus, helped her overcome a mental barrier she hadn't even realized she had created for herself around money, I gave her a framework so she felt more confident in her enrolment calls, and we kept her consistent and accountable to the bigger vision she had for herself.
It wasn't all peaches.
It's taken dedication and commitment on her part. Plus, her messaging is still a work in progress (isn't it always). But now she's feeling better equipped to navigate the tough days that come with running your own business, she's way more consistent, and says I helped "remind her of her worth."


The Growth Habit Client Case Study Framework

Use this to easily create your own kickass client case studies:
    1. When X and I first met they were _________, _______, and _______ (outline where they were at and any specific ways they were stuck)
    2. They really wanted to ____(big juicy goal/or desire)________ but couldn't figure out/were stuck/were worried about __________
    3. Now they're ___________(what's changed, what awesome thing(s) they've achieved)____
    4. Not only are they now ______(external thing achieved)___they've also ______ (bonus/internal/deeper shift that occurred)
    5. How'd we get them here? We _____________(list things you helped them change, shift, or create and how you did it)_______
Now go use this framework so you can create your own awesome client case studies and help more people.
See you next Saturday.


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