How to Create Demand for YOU + Your Coaching

Oct 08, 2022

Today I'm going to show you how to start generating demand for you and what you offer.

When you learn how to do this, you'll no longer need to compete with everyone else who is chasing the few who are actively looking for help at any given time. You begin to create your own market where people choose you as the one to assist them because you're the one who guided them down the path.  

Unfortunately, most coaches get stuck competing with everyone else because they don't know how to generate demand for their services.  

  • Their messaging doesn't match the mindset people are in
  • Their share teaching content in the wrong places
  • They have no way for someone to dive deeper
  • They're not leading people down a path  

I'm going to show you step by step how to change this so you begin creating demand for what you offer. Let's do it....  

Talk to People Based on Where They Are in Their Journey  

This is so important because when you don't understand it, you're missing out on almost everyone who could become a client.  

Let's imagine for a second that you're a career coach who helps people find their dream jobs. Think of all the people that you know you could help and imagine them on a spectrum. On one side, there's those who are completely unaware of their problem. They have no idea that they could have a better, happier, and healthier reality both at work and in their personal life if they changed jobs.  

They don't even realize they're stuck.  

On the opposing end, there's a group that's so damn fed up with the pain caused by their micromanaging boss, the toxic work culture, and the fact that the work they do feels meaningless that they're actively looking to change careers. Between those two extremes, there's those who may be feeling some frustrations, but aren't sure if they want to take any action.  

Once people get to the point where they decide they actually want to do something about it, they start looking for possible solutions.  

They might scour YouTube for free advice, buy a book on the subject, sign-up for a workshop, or hire a coach. And some go through that entire journey. They do all of those things on their way to making a change. Here's the thing: the percentage of people who are actively seeking a solution for whatever it is you help people achieve is small. Most say 3%.  

That means 97% of your potential audience is not currently looking to invest in whatever you offer.  

Your message won't land if you're talking to people about the different ways to alleviate their pain or reach their goal if they're not even aware of their problem. People also don't want to hear about why your coaching is the best solution for them to achieve X if they haven't decided that they're going to take action. It's why those cold salesy pitchslap DMs feel so gross unless you just so happen to be actively looking for that kind of a solution at that time.  

What does talking to the other 97% look like?  

I recently saw this video for natural soap on Instagram. It included this message: "did you know that your body wash is so full of chemicals that the FDA classifies it as a detergent?".

That stopped me in my tracks.

Up to that point I was happily using my big brand body wash, now I was questioning everything and reconsidering if I was doing the right thing for my body and health.

Ask yourself: what do my Dream Clients need to see and believe for them to take the next step and book that call with me?

The answer to that question probably includes: admitting that they do have a problem, that the pain of ignoring that problem far outweighs the pain of continuing to ignore it, that you truly understand them and what they're going through, and that you're credibly able to help them get the results you're after.  

Shift Your Content Style + Length Based On the Channel  

Many miss the mark here because they don't consider the different mindset people are in depending on the channel they're on. Someone who is scrolling on Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn is in a completely different state of mind than someone who's searching for a solution on YouTube and blogs. Those in a scroll-hole are often "killing time".  

They're avoiding their work, ignoring their kids, or stretching out their time on the toilet.  

They don't want your huge 3000 word deep-dive write up or your nine minute how-to video. Nope. They want to be entertained, inspired, distracted, and maybe learn a LITTLE. You have to earn the right for their attention. You do this by tailoring your content in the scrolling feeds to give them an "aha", make them laugh, or give them hope by showing them what is possible.  

Once you start having traction and people are paying attention, you then want to create a way for people who are interested to dive in deeper. That's where creating a newsletter, putting videos on YouTube, hosting webinars, launching a podcast, or creating a blog comes in. You want to give the people who do want to learn more an easy way to spend additional time with you, your ideas, and your thinking.    

Guide Them With Clear Next Steps  

Now that your content is speaking to people based on where they are in their journey and you're shifting your content style based on the channel, all you need to do is lead them down the path to start creating demand for your services.  

You could have the most helpful newsletter for your niche, the funniest blog in your industry, or the most interesting podcast, but if no one knows about it, you've wasted all your time and energy creating it. So invite people to explore more. Make it clear how they can dive in deeper and invite them to the next step. If you want to be their guide as they move on their journey, you need to make that easy and clear for them.  

Here's where it gets really fun...  

When you meet people earlier in their journey and are the one guiding them down the path to take action, you can start generating demand for your services instead of competing with everyone else who is vying for the few who are "actively looking now". If you're the one leading the way, you're creating trust, you're building relationships, and the people you're leading are likely to choose you as the person to help them move them closer to their goal when they decide the time is right.

Now go be the leader that I know you are.



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