How to Actually Grow on LinkedIn

Sep 10, 2022

I'm going to show you how to grow your impact and your business on LinkedIn.

With so many different platforms to choose from, why should you care about leveraging LinkedIn to help more people? Because LinkedIn has been ranked the most trusted platform in surveys by Business Insider for five years running, 44% of people on LinkedIn take home more than $75K per year, and only 1% of LinkedIn’s monthly users regularly post.  

Think about what that adds up to...  

People consider it a credible source, those on the platform have the means to pay for your services, and it's much easier for you to stand out with your message since most on the site are not regularly publishing content. While places like FB and IG stopped giving you organic reach long ago (Reels excluded), LinkedIn rewards content creators because it's starving for content. There's no other place like it.  

Unfortunately, most don't grow on LinkedIn because they don't understand how to leverage the platform's full power. 

If this is you, it might be because:  

You still see LinkedIn as a stuffy resume holder

  • You're putting out boring content that doesn't connect with anyone
  • You're not regularly and intentionally adding the right kind of new people to your network
  • You're not being deliberate about fostering a community

LinkedIn is my main online hang. It's the place that's allowed me to quit a Director Level role, build a business serving clients on five continents, and buy a new dream house that's actually big enough for our growing teenagers. I'm going to break down how you and your business can grow to help more people by leveraging LinkedIn.    

This Isn't the Same Old LinkedIn  

Let's start by addressing your perception that it's still some boring job board where you can't show up as yourself and only update when you're looking for a new gig.  

The platform is older than both FB and Myspace, this is true. But it has drastically changed over the years. The world of work is evolving and the companies that are thriving are creating environments where employees feel understood, supported, and encouraged. In other words, they can be themselves.  

When it comes to small businesses and entrepreneurs like you, people are increasingly looking to engage with actual humans instead of some cold faceless corporation.  

Combine these two and naturally the "business platform" has become more personable, warm, and fun. Every day my feed is full of pictures of people's pets, images of folks enjoying their lives outside of work, and personal stories of what people are going through.  

This week, I posted a video of me dancing to announce launching my new group cohort challenge.

Now that I have you thinking about LinkedIn differently, let's talk about how you can grow there.      

Add the Right Kind of New People to Your Network

If you're not doing this regularly, you're missing out on one of the biggest benefits of this platform. The only place you'll find people being more open to connecting with strangers is on dating sites. So who are the right kind of people?  

I break it down into two groups.  

Firstly, I believe in working with Dream Clients. These aren't just those you could serve, they are people you love spending time with. You have shared values and feel a deep sense of reward from helping them. So when you come across someone's profile, comment, or content that you really jive with, send them a connection request.  

As I pointed out earlier, most on LinkedIn aren't putting out content, not to mention, it can be hard to tell from someone's profile if you share a similar outlook on life. So what do you do? Send connection requests to people who might be a Dream Client based on something factual: their title, their role, where they work, etc. For example, I have clients that help physicians, coach people in tech, and support sales leaders. Each one of those provides a very searchable criteria.  

With some practice, you can get responses like this from total strangers:  

How do you make this happen? Include a personalized message with your connection request so they know you're not another robot sending them a copy + pasted thing. Secondly, don't try to make a withdrawal out of your non-existent relationship.  

That means not hitting them with a pitchslap the moment they accept.  

That also means not asking them to download your thing, join your group, or to book a call right out the gate. Each of those is you asking them to give you something before you've built any kind of relationship. That's like walking up to a stranger in a bar, introducing yourself, and asking for a kiss.  

Bad idea.  

LinkedIn lets you send connection requests to 100 people a week. Get in the groove of sending them regularly and you increase your chances of getting responses like these below. Both of these people became clients.  

Once people are connected to you, they're in your orbit. That means your content will start showing up in their feed.    

Create Engaging Content

Many don't succeed here because they're simply not clear on exactly who they're speaking to.  

That limits the kind of content you can share because you're trying to appeal to everyone. The more intimately you know who you're speaking to, the more freedom you have with your message because you know exactly what will deeply resonate with those you're excited to serve. I know my Dream Clients are highly empathetic and creative. That means I can share a video of me in a dress and wearing makeup at Burning Man without worrying. I know they'll dig it.  

You don't have to post videos of you dancing or pictures with psychedelic backgrounds like me.  

Just avoid using bland stock images and leverage any creative talent you have. Do you enjoy writing? Take nice pictures? Have a great sense of humour? The ability to make awesome analogies? Tap into those. I have a client that uses puppets to help get his message out and there's a sales person on LinkedIn that uses magic tricks to connect with the challenges his clients face.  

Make it interesting by adding your personal twist based on your lived experiences or saying things that are against the grain of what everyone is saying.

Forget an Audience, Build a Community

When you're intentionally adding the right kind of people to your network and creating engaging content, the last piece that will really fuel your growth is deliberately fostering a community.

It will make your time on the platform more enjoyable and help your message get in front of way more people. Instead of thinking of it as a cold online place full of strangers, see your profile as a storefront on a downtown street. If you wanted your store to thrive would you ignore your neighbours? Or would you frequent the coffee shop next door, donate a prize to the local BIA's raffle, and become friends with the tellers at the bank on the corner?  

I'm thinking you'd take the second approach.  

So support others on LinkedIn, frequently and generously. If you want more support on your content, you have to give it to others. And don't just support people in the comments, send them DMs letting them know you appreciate them.  

Build actual relationships.  

In the last three years I've had Zoom conversations with hundreds of people I met on the platform. Take this approach to foster a community and you'll not only have more support for your message, you can start receiving referrals, and create true friendships.    


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