How Snoop Can Help You Improve Your Writing

Mar 25, 2023

Read time: 2 minutes

Today I'm going to show you three ways to drastically improve your copywriting.

There's a lot at stake with the words you choose and how you use them. It doesn't matter if you're writing shorter posts, long form blogs, or outlines for your reels on Insta, your words will either entice people to keep reading/watching, start following you, click your link, sign-up to your newsletter, book a disco call, buy your thing......or not.

Here's three easy ways to dramatically improve your copywriting in a flash.

1. Swap Generic Terms for Specific Examples

Change generic terms for words, lingo, and examples that your Dream Clients can relate to.

So instead of "make more sales" you could say "Feel excited when you wake up to new Stripe notifications in your inbox every morning." Instead of "feel more confident." you could say "feel confident enough to speak up in front of everyone in that team meeting".

Specificity matters. 

2. Generate at Least Three Alternate Hooks

Without a strong hook, you're toast.

Whether it's the headline of your email, the first line in your post, or the initial 3-5 seconds in your video, you're either grabbing their attention so they keep going or people will bounce to the next thing in their inbox or feed. The best way to get better at hooks? Make more of them.

Every time you're done creating something, write three more potential hooks for it.

Want your hook to stop the people you're looking to serve in their tracks? Make sure it does at least one of these: Captures attention, confirms a suspicion your Dream Clients have, makes a powerful promise, inspires thought, questions the status quo, or creates intrigue with an open loop. 

3. Read It Out Loud or Have Snoop Do It for You

Ever look back at something you wrote and wonder WTF were you thinking? An easy-peasy way to create some distance from your words, check the overall flow, and catch pesky typos is to read it out loud. Better yet, use a speech tool to read it back to you. There's loads of online tools such as Natural Readers or Text Aloud. You can even have Snoop read it to you if you use Speechify.

If you're on a Mac like me: highlight the text, right-click, select "start speaking". Bam!


I rarely do this with my posts. Hence my terrible habit of having typos in posts. But I do it every single freaking week with my newsletter.

Now go swap your generic terms for specific examples, practice generating better hooks, and read your writing out loud so that your copywriting gets better and you can help more people.

P.S. I'm off to Napa Valley today.

And next week's newsletter will be inspired by what I learn from spending several days with 39 other high-vibe entrepreneurs + coaches from around the world.

See you next Saturday.

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