3 Ways to Get More People to Sign-up for Your Thing

3 Ways to Get More People to Sign-up for Your Thing

Jul 08, 2023


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Today, I'm going to show you how you can get more people signing up for your stuff. Whether you're hoping to have people enroll in your workshop, buy your program, or download your freebie, you need a landing page.

And what's on that page will make or break your results.

Do it well, and you'll have people going from curious to entering their info. But get it wrong, and all the effort you poured into creating your awesome thing goes to waste. We don't want that.

Unfortunately, many landing pages fall flat because:

They don't create connection with anyone in particular

Their about section is missing critical info

There's nothing being shown that builds trust

Here's how you can fix that...

1. Specifically Call Out Who It's For

You want the people you know you're meant to serve to feel completely seen and heard by your words. To feel like what they're reading was written for them, as an individual. Because if you don't specifically call out who it's for, you'll struggle to make a meaningful connection with anyone.

But won't this also repel some others?

Yes, it will. And you want that. In a noisy world where people are overwhelmed with options, you win hearts and minds by intentionally making a deeper connection with a select group of humans vs trying to be for everybody.

A great way to do this is to empathize with the conflict between their desires and the challenges they face to achieve them.

Here's some examples from my website:

  • Everyone comes to you for support and guidance, but who do you go to?
  • You know you need to get your message out there (marketing) + enroll people (sales) but don't want to do anything that feels icky.
  • You have an exciting vision but not the frameworks, methods, and systems to get there.

Here's a few more from the landing page for my upcoming workshop:

  • You’re doing this work from the heart......And don’t want to do anything that feels slimy or icky to get clients.
  • You’ve got some clients......But you’re lacking a system or predictable approach to grow your business.
  • You know you’re a good coach......And you’re ready to take things to the next level in a way that feels right.

You can use this template for crafting your own: You have a (trait/desire/need/or goal) and/but (face challenge/obstacle/problem).

2. Be Intentional with Your Bio

So many get this part wrong because they think their biography blurb is only about them. It's not. Showing you understand their desires and challenges is a start, but it's not the only place you can create connection with people on your landing page. The other mistake I frequently see with these about blurbs is they lack anything that shows your credibility + authority.

Aka why should your Dream Clients listen to you and care about what you have to say?

Here's a recent one of mine:

Hey there, I’m Robb Gilbear. I’ve helped over 200 coaches and purpose-driven consultants in 13 different countries grow their impact and their businesses since I launched growth habit in 2019. Before that, I was the head of People & Culture in award-winning tech companies where I coached CEOs + leadership teams. I started my first biz as a teen, am a retired DJ + music producer, a papa to two teenagers, and have an addiction to funky socks.

Every bit of this is intentional.

All these points build credibility + show authority:

  • Helped over 200 coaches and purpose-driven consultants
  • In 13 different countries
  • Head of People & Culture in award-winning tech companies
  • Coached CEOs + leadership teams
  • Started my first biz as a teen

These ones are creating connection with my Dream Clients:

  • Grow their impact (They're driven by something much greater than simply money)
  • Retired DJ + music producer (I love working with creative + expressive people)
  • Papa to two teenagers (My Dream Clients tend to be 35 to 55 years old and many of them aim to be thoughtful parents)
  • An addiction to funky socks (This is a fun quirk about me that's created an unexpected connection point with some of my fave clients)

Have your biography blurb show what gives you your expertise, what creates your credibility, as well as what allows you to naturally connect with the kind of clients that light you up.

3. Show Freaking Proof

You're almost there.

Now that you've built your credibility, shown authority, and created connection with the kind of humans you love to work with, you have to create trust. How do they know that you, and the thing you're offering, can actually deliver the goods? They don't.

Unless you show them.

You can use screenshots of client results, feedback from previous attendees, or testimonials. Anything that backs up what you're saying so they're more likely to sign-up. I got this comment this week regarding my workshop landing page.



Now go improve your landing pages by specifically calling out the right people, having an intentional bio, and showing proof that your shit works so that you can help more people.



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