Get More People saying YES to Your Offers

Oct 01, 2022

Today I'm going to show you three ways to drastically increase the amount of people you're enrolling. It's a shame to get to the finish line with someone and not have them sign-up, especially when you KNOW you could truly help them.  

In some instances, there's nothing you can do.

It's not the right time for them or they're simply not ready. But other times, you're losing out on clients and people are missing out on massive positive changes because of mistakes you're making with your offers.  

I'm going to show you easy things you can shift with the way you're making offers to increase the number of people saying yes.  

Stop Selling By the Session  

You're not an hourly employee and you're not selling widgets.

You're enrolling people into a transformation to completely change their level of confidence, their health, their relationships, or their business. And let's be honest, it often ends up being all of them combined. If you're selling your services by the session or even in packages of sessions, people stop focusing on the big picture of what's possible because you're reducing all your magic to a consumer transaction.  

Let's say you have a 12 session program to help people in career transitions find a dream job.  

You can offer that as....  

  1. "It's 8 sessions for $2800 where we meet weekly."

  2. "It's a two month program to help you to land the job of your dreams. We'll have weekly 1:1 sessions, you'll get interview tools and resume templates, and you'll have access to me over email and Voxer between sessions. The investment is $2800."

 Which one do you think more people would say yes to? Clearly the second.  

Give Them the Deeper Why for Everything in Your Offer

Once you break away from pricing per session, you want to connect all the aspects of your offer to what they actually want: the end result. What are the benefits they'll get for each part of your offer? How are those going to help them achieve what they desire?  

This is what that might look like:  

  • Weekly sessions for deep coaching and accountability so you can land your dream job as soon as possible.

  • Tools and templates so you can easily create an awesome looking resume that catches the eye of both recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Access to me between sessions for support over email and Voxer so I'm there for you when you need it most

People don't want weekly sessions, they want accountability and progress so they can get their dream job in the shortest amount of time. People don't want tools and templates, they want an easy way to have a resume that stands out and highlights how kickass they are. People don't want Voxer or Whatsapp access, they want to know that you'll be there to support them at the most crucial moments.  

You need to list the “why” for every item.  

I call it the Toddler Method because toddlers love asking the question “why” and they'll ask the question repeatedly until they get to the root answer. When you clearly state the deeper “why” for each part of your offer it makes it easier for people to understand how what you're offering will move them closer to their big goal.    

Offer a Guarantee  

Now that you're powerfully framing your offer and connecting all that you include back to the big result they deeply desire, the most impactful change you can make to enroll more people is adding a guarantee. The idea of offering a guarantee when you're coaching or consulting might sound scary.

How come?

Results are dependant on whether the other person takes action or not.  "You can't do their pushups for them", as they say.  

But the person you're hoping to enroll is giving you their money and taking a lot of risk. They're wondering if what you do will work for them. Maybe they've even been burned by others in the past.  

Guarantees are powerful because they greatly reduce the feelings of risk for your potential client.  

Does this mean that you're now taking all the risk? Maybe you're wondering: What if they don't take any action? What if they don't show up? What if, what if, what if....  

I'm going to assume that you are actually good at what you do.  

If that's the case and you're confident in your ability to help people get results, all you need to do is be selective with those you choose to work with. You want your enrollment process to help you understand:

Are they willing to take action?
Are they at the right stage in their journey?
Are they committed to making this change?  

Offering a guarantee not only increases the amount of people who sign-up thanks to their reduced feelings of risk, the jump in enrollments will far outweigh the few, if any, who take you up on the guarantee.  

There's different ways that you can offer a guarantee for coaching.  

1. With programs that are material heavy, it might look like this: If you do all the work, watch all the videos, attend all the sessions, complete all the worksheets, and you still don't get the results, I'll give you your money back.  

2. Another way you could offer a guarantee without the worry of having to give back money is a promise along these lines "If you don't get the results in X amount of time, I'll keep working with you until you do".  

Personally, I take a third option. One that you may perceive as dangerous.

If we're working together, I'm offering you a full guarantee. I'm extremely selective of who I offer to work with 1:1. When I do make someone a 1:1 offer, it includes this guarantee: "When we're done, if you're not absolutely convinced of the immense value you got from us working together, I will gladly refund you the full amount."  

Even with my new group offer, I'm giving a No BS Full Money-Back Guarantee.  

"If you're not absolutely convinced of the immense value and growth you got from the Have Dream Clients Coming to You Program, I'll refund you the full amount. No BS, no hassle."  

Why would I offer such a crazy guarantee? I'm here to serve and care about longterm relationships. I don't want the bad energy from keeping your money if you're not happy.  

Now go change the way you're making your offers so you can change more lives.


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