Get More Clients in September (3 Ways)

Sep 09, 2023

Today, I'm going to show you how you can enroll more clients this month.

Summer is over.
Vacations are done.
Kids are back in school.

The vibe is different out there as folks return to regular routines and realize there's only four months left in 2023. People have goals to hit. And if you work with companies, so do their organizations.

Folks are in decision-making mode and taking action.

This all means September is a kickass time for you to sign new clients. Here's 3 ways you can tap into the decision-making energy in the air, and help more people achieve their goals this year.

1. Check in On Past Clients

Humans don't run out of problems.

The challenges we face just change as we go. And if you were able to help someone on a previous leg of their journey, you're an ideal candidate to help them on their next.

They trust you.

You already have a relationship, they appreciate you, and they know the impact of your work. It's as warm as it gets.

So reconnect with previous clients and see what they're up to.

2. Ask Current Clients for Referrals

Like attracts like.

Your current awesome clients know other awesome people. So ask them for referrals. And personalize the request.

It's easy to ignore a generalized message that feels copy & pasted.

What could it look like?

"Hey Tim, it's been awesome helping you XYZ. Good people like you know other good people so I'm reaching out to see if you know anyone else who might benefit from ABC."

3. Send 9-Word Emails

What terrible tales have you been telling yourself about the people who showed interest in working with you but then went cold? Our minds love making up stories when we're lacking info. And they're rarely ones that serve us.

The truth?

There's 107 reasons why they might not yet have moved forward that have nothing to do with you. Life is busy. And sometimes people need more time to be ready.

Send those folks a 9-word email.

It's a method developed by Dean Jackson, that when done well, is great at getting replies from people who've otherwise gone MIA.

Here's some examples:

  • Are you still looking to grow your coaching business?
  • Are you still interested in losing 20lbs this year?
  • Have you made any progress with your job hunt?
  • Are you still looking for help with your presentation?
  • Are you still considering hiring a coach?

Put their name in the subject line and include nothing else in the email.

No intro, no "Hi Jules", and zero filler. Just a short + direct email that's approximately 9 words long.

Now go check in on your past clients, ask your current ones for referrals, and send 9-word emails to people who've gone quiet so you can help more people.



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