From Tears to Signing Strangers as Client

Sep 30, 2023

What if you need more than just tools + a strategy?

Today, I want to introduce you to Ashley.

She knew she was a damn good coach and the clients she had loved working with her. But they were all from her existing network. Either previous connections or past co-workers. She'd been actively putting out content on LinkedIn and even built a supportive network on the platform.

But never had anyone reach out to her about her services.

Ashley was questioning her rates, her messaging, and if she was being strategic enough. She was unsure about what to do next. She wanted tools, guidance, and the support of a community to grow her business, so she joined my Impact Accelerator.

That was 2.5 months ago.

She's now raised her rates and signed absolute Dream Clients to a new program that she's proud of. Including, a total stranger who she wasn't previously connected to. She's executing on a plan that's working and feeling excited about the future.

How did we get Ashely here and what can you learn from her journey?

1. Fully Owning Who She Is Online

That meant sharing her...

Sense of humour.
And all the sparkly bits that make her awesome.

If you're trying to create more alignment between who you are in real life + how you're showing up online, ask yourself this question: What are ideas, stories, talents, quirks, and opinions that you share in 1:1 conversations (either with friends or clients) that you haven't yet shown in your content?

Share THAT.

Don't make it so hard for new people to get to know who you genuinely are.

2. Crazy Clear on Her Dream Clients

I'm not talking about some BS avatar outline based on age, geography, or other things that don't matter when it comes to you defining + attracting people you absolutely love working with.

Instead, get clear on:

How do they see the world?
What feelings are they experiencing?
What values are most important to them?
How, when, and where are their challenges showing up?
And why is it so important for them to achieve the goals you help them with?

Forget what they're writing on their census form, what are they writing in their journal?

3. The Tools to Outline an Incredible Program

Once she was crystal clear on who she was meant to serve, she was able to create a kickass program for her Dream Clients using my Flagship Offer creation tools.

The areas where she needed the most support?

  • Defining the actual results her Dream Clients are going to get.
  • Getting clear on how her offer is truly different than every other coaching program already out there.

It started as a rough idea in bullet points.

And turned into something so awesome, inspiring, and creative that my nipples got hard out of excitement when she presented the final version.

4. A Messaging Strategy For the Launch

She got a strategy that covered exactly what she needed to include in her messaging at each stage of her launch to create the most momentum. Including: templates for proven posts that she could leverage and make her own.

What are the stages you need to think through when doing a launch?

Intentionally fuelling your community and building goodwill before you launch, teasing something exciting is coming, making a big intentional splash when it's live, creating unique ways to talk about it repeatedly during the entire launch phase, and finishing it off by getting the last minute stragglers onboard before it's done.

5. We Supported Her When it Wasn't All Peachy

Clarity, strategy, and tools weren't enough.

We had her back on the tough days where she felt frustration + tears. I'm saying "we" because it wasn't just me. It was the entire awesome community in the Impact Accelerator holding space, giving her valuable feedback, and encouraging her through the process.

Ashley did the work.

Knowing she had an incredible group in her corner while she did it.





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