From Stranger to Client (a Holiday Gift)

Dec 24, 2022

This issue of the weekly Growth Habit is different.

And I've got A gift for you.

Could I have skipped today and not sent something because it's Christmas eve? I think so. I feel confident in saying that if you're reading this, you're empathetic, awesome, and understanding.

That means I think you would've given me a pass.

So why am I sitting here in a holiday sweater on my parents' couch drafting this? Full transparency: I'm doing it for me.

For the last 22 Saturdays straight, I've sent a newsletter.

It didn't matter if I was exhausted, behind on work, or in Italy without a functional laptop charger. I've been committed to publishing every week. And I don't want to break the streak.

Those big shiny goals we have?

We achieve them (or not) based on our dedication to consistently doing the small and sometimes boring routines that move us forward. 

So until I decide having this weekly habit is no longer serving me, I'm committed.

The Gift

Whether you're celebrating Christmas Eve, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or nothing at all, I'd like to offer you a gift.

A training video that I originally made for my private community that walks you through moving people from being complete strangers to becoming clients.

Before you ask, that's NOT a huge hickey on my neck.

It's a mark from acupuncture and cupping. Promise. 😅


When you're ready, here's two ways I can help you:

1.(waitlist until Feb 2023) Individual Coaching + Mentorship Inquire to work with me 1:1 here.  

2. Get my best-selling book, Die Before They Do, here.

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I'll never share, sell, or do any other shady nonsense with your information. Nope. I'm not down with that.