From Skeptic to Preaching the Power of Coaching

Sep 02, 2023

Last week, I introduced you to Tony.

Today, I'm going to share how he went from "skeptical to now preaching the power of coaching".

Along with Evan, and Josh, Tony is one of the co-founders of Unrationed.

The three of them started building things together because they felt something was missing when it came to men supporting each other in becoming better versions of themselves. This led to the launch of WILD32. A free 32 day accountability challenge that focused on things like exercise, substance awareness, and getting outside. While they were getting awesome feedback from the guys doing WILD32, they had a bigger vision. And they didn't just want to turn the momentum from the free challenge into a business.

They wanted to create a movement.

One where men supported other men and felt so strongly about the positive impact of being a part of this movement that they felt compelled to enroll others. To go out of their way and tell their friends, family, and co-workers about it. They didn't want clients, they wanted champions.

But they faced some hurdles...

  • They had loads of ideas but didn't know where to focus. Should they offer coaching? Create in-person events? Start to charge for their free challenge?
  • They struggled to articulate what they did. Their response was either "Dudes helping dudes be better dudes" or a long-winded answer that would take several minutes to say.
  • Unlike the other businesses they owned where the value propositions were clear and compelling: "You spend your money and we'll help you make more money and increase your status as a thought leader" (that's essentially what they offer with one of their other businesses, Contender), "We'll help you be a better dude," wasn't going to have loads of clients knocking on their door to sign up.

So we spent the next few months...

  • Getting them crystal clear on who their Dream Clients are. It's not just men. It's entrepreneurial men who are well into their journey and want to pursue an extraordinary life while pushing themselves to do hard and worthwhile shit.
  • Dialling in their messaging so it's short, punchy, and compelling to who they want to serve. Instead of "Dudes helping dudes be better dudes", it's "A group for men pursuing extraordinary, at home, at work, and at play."
  • Adding routine calls as part of their free challenge and intentionally fuelling the online community aspect of what they were building to foster deeper relationships with the men already in their orbit.
  • Designing a scalable offer that's a natural extension to their free accountability challenge: a group mastermind that culminates in a difficult in-person physical endurance challenge.

The outcome?

They launched their new program and brought in their first revenue shortly after. This week, they kicked off their second mastermind and it's sold out. As Tony put it in his testimonial below "I've never been in a situation when it's felt this easy and I do attribute that largely to the work that we did".



When you dial in the clarity of exactly who you're meant to serve, your messaging to those people, and what makes a compelling offer for those particular humans, everything else in your business becomes easier.





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