From I Don't Know to Let's F**king Do This! (a Gift)

Feb 24, 2024
When do unsolicited salesy messages feel the most icky?
It's when they've built no relationship with you before going for the sale. When they don't know anything about you or what you need. And most importantly, when you're not looking to buy whatever they're selling.
It's like having a stranger walk up and ask you if you want to make out.
In almost every case, you'll say "heck no". And depending on your mood and how much you slept the night before, you might even use stronger language when declining the offer. So why do people still take the approach of sending spammy salesy messages even though it clearly turns so many people off?
Because they know that a small number of folks ARE at that "ready to buy" stage.
They know that if they slap enough people with their pitch, they'll hit a couple souls who might even jump in. Like a sleazy pick up artist hitting on every woman in the room, it's a numbers game.
If you go this route, it destroys your ability to ever build a meaningful future relationship with the people you've pitch-slapped.
What if you knew:
  • How to perfectly match your messaging based on where people are in THEIR journey.
  •  How to become the go-to person in your niche when people ARE ready to take the leap.
  •  Exactly what you need to say to help people go from "uncertain” to "let's do f**king do this!".
That's exactly what my Perfect Match Messaging Method is going to give you.
And it's a free gift.
The full 22 minute training is at the top of this page.
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