Enroll More People Without 1:1 Calls

Enrolling More People (Without 1:1 Calls)

Jul 01, 2023

Read time: 2.5 minutes

If you're like most coaches, you're still doing your enrollment via 1:1 conversations with people.

That's OK. I won't dispute the intimacy you get from spending time with someone 1:1. But what if you could enroll multiple people at once without always needing an individual conversation?

And how do you do that without icky sales tactics?

That was the question for a client of mine this week. He's given me the green light to share his name so I can tell you a bit more about him. Jan Keck is a Dream Client because he...

  • Is awesome at his craft.
  • Has a good understanding of marketing.
  • Is all-in on himself, his learning, and his biz.
  • Is creative, empathetic, and highly self-aware.
  • And has an audience that is happy to hear from him.

Jan has all the ingredients.

I just help him bring them together and focus. And right now, he's launching a book plus a new program to go with it. So we've spent the last few months getting him clarity on his messaging so it resonates with clients he loves to serve, worked through what his book will include, how that will be different than the program, and all while holding him accountable to taking the bold action that's bringing these big things to life.

Loads of the work was coming to a point this week.

He had a big launch workshop scheduled and wanted to enroll multiple people without icky sales approaches. So we went through things slide by slide.

  • What was missing?
  • What could be left out?
  • Exactly what needs to be said to get people to genuinely want to sign up?

The result?

→ He smashed the session.
→ Has already signed six new clients.
→ And got this feedback: "I really like your gentle sales approach, you come across as authentic and honest".


How can you create these kinds of results in your own workshop?

1. Actually Give Value

Lots of it. If you've been around for a bit, you've likely attended one of those "webinars" that turned out to be nothing more than a drawn out sales pitch that left you feeling cheated of your time. Don't do that.

2. Create Connection + Intimacy

Drop the lecture and make it an engaging two-way street. How? Acknowledge people as they join, ask questions, and make it interactive. (This is Jan's area of expertise).

3. Set-up the Expectations

Don't want it to be awkward when you transition to talking about your offer at the end of the session? Set the expectation upfront. Let people know that you're going to focus most of the session on giving and let them know how they can get more help, if they're interested, at the end.

4. Show What's Possible

You don't want to drown people in endless case studies and client testimonials, but go too far the other way and share none, you're making it hard for people to picture what is possible for them if they take the leap. Find natural places to weave examples into what you're teaching + sharing.


5. Give Incentives to Drive Action

Deadlines make things happen and limited amounts of spots make people take action. Have a cutoff day for your program, an expiry date for an early bird price, and/or a limited number of spots open. You're way better off selling out a smaller first cohort than trying to fit in "as many as possible".

Now go put this to us so you can help more people.



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