Enroll More People (Without Hard Selling)

Dec 17, 2022

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Today I'm going to show you how you can enroll more people and do it without the ickiness of hard selling. Once you learn how to do this, you'll not only get to help more people, but selling will feel much easier. You might even start enjoying the enrollment process.

Unfortunately, many coaches struggle with enrollment because they:

  • Show up to their enrollment conversations with the wrong energy

  • Are lacking an intentional structure to their enrollment calls

  • Don't focus on the two big things that allow them to never have to do any "hard selling"

Let's show you how you can overcome these, step by step.

Change the Way You're Showing Up in Enrollment Conversations

How do you expect a stranger to feel confident about working with you if you're showing up to the conversation lacking conviction?

It's normal to feel a little nervous if you're still developing skills in the area of sales. But it's not reasonable to think and say things like "I hate sales" or  "I'm not good at selling" and expect your enrollment conversations to go well. And the first change you can make is seeing it as enrollment, not sales.

You're enrolling people into a transformation to completely change an aspect of their health, their relationships, or their career/business.

And let's be honest, it often ends up being all of them combined. Experiencing a big positive change in any one of those areas spills over into the other buckets of our lives. If what you're offering truly can change their lives, you're providing them a genuine service by enrolling them.

Once you've changed your perspective around selling, how do you get yourself in the right state of mind to show up with confidence?

Read messages and testimonials from previous happy clients right before you get on the call. I recommend starting a "love folder" where you keep all the awesome feedback you've got from clients in one place. Going through this folder right before an enrollment conversation will remind you of the incredible impact of you and your work has on others.

You'll then bring a whole new level of conviction to your enrollment conversations.

Use the CUSS Call Framework

You can be in the best state of mind and be beaming with confidence, but if you have no structure to your enrollment calls, you're still rolling the dice on whether they'll be awkward or not.

I'm not saying read off a script. Heck no.

No one wants to talk to a robot!

But the person who's considering working with you is expecting you to lead the conversation. There's also certain information you need to understand to truly know if and how you might be able help someone achieve their goals. That's hard to predictably do without any structure.

That's why I created the CUSS Call Framework, it takes the guess work out. Yes, it's an acronym to make the steps easier to remember, but it's also called the CUSS Call framework because I swear by it.

Beyond helping you get the info you need, following this framework allows the person you're speaking with to get immense clarity about where they are, where they want to be, and what they might need to get there.

They'll walk away feeling the conversation was actually valuable.

Here's the breakdown:

C = Current Reality

Start with where they're at. What's the current state of the area you might be able to help them in? What's currently going on? This is an easy place to begin because it doesn't feel intrusive.

U = Utopia

Once you've established their current reality, you want to get clear on their utopia. What's their dream destination?

If truly anything was possible, what would be their ideal state in a year from now? What are their big bold visions and goals? Why are these important to them?

Ask them probing questions to flesh this out in detail so that you can both see, feel, taste, and almost touch their utopian vision.

S = Stopping Them

Now that you're both clear on the dream state, you need to understand what's stoping them. What's in the way of them achieving their goals? What have they tried that hasn't worked?

Going from their utopian vision to what's stopping them will make them truly feel the gap between where they they want to be and where they currently are.

S = Solution

What do they think the solution is?

The most common responses are:

1. Specific answers for what they feel they actually need. This lets you how what you provide lines up as well as if you need to emphasize any particular part of what you offer.

2. "I don't know, that's why I'm talking to you". When this happens, they're reinforcing your role as the expert and leader in the conversation.

3. "You/your program/your services are the solution". There's no easier transition to you talking about your offer when this is their response.

Eliminate the Need for You to do Any "Hard Selling"

Now that you're showing up to the conversations with confidence and have an intentional framework to lead your calls, there's two things, that if you improve, remove the need for you to do any "hard selling".

1) Get better at getting the word out about what you do

2) Improve your product/service

If you're awesome at getting the word out about who you are, what you do, and how you can help your Dream Clients, you don't need to do any "hard selling " because your messaging does the enrolling for you. It's one of the reasons that I'm so grateful for the incredible ability we all have to share our ideas online without needing a gatekeeper's permission.

Want to take it a step further where you don't need to do as much "getting the word out"?

Have an incredible service/product. One that people love, appreciate, and get results with. Do this and your clients will spread the word on your behalf.  

I received both of these messages below last week.

The first was from previous client making an introduction to someone they know:

 The second is a comment someone included in their application form to work with me 1:1.

Think about how you first heard about Uber or Netflix? Was it a paid ad, a social media post they made, or was it from a friend who showed you how kickass it was?

Now go change the way you're showing up in your enrollment conversations, start using the CUSS Call framework, and work on the things that remove your need to do any "hard selling" so that you can help more people and enjoy the enrollment process.


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