Your Relationship With Money

“Don’t Become Arrogant” (And Other Money Mistakes)

May 25, 2024

The digs might appear subtle at first.

But they serve a clear purpose. In this case, it started with a seemingly innocent "you look rich." It was quickly followed up with "don't become arrogant" + "never forget your humble roots".

What sucks is I have a lot of love for this person.

I've known them for 20+ years and we made music together in the early 00s. Unfortunately, when you're growing, it'll make some people in your world uncomfortable. A few might even try to pull you back down to where THEY feel comfortable.

As my relationship with money continues to evolve, I can confidently say.... 

  • Having money doesn't make you arrogant.

  • Where you started doesn't need to dictate how far you go.

  • You have to watch for people trying to shame you into staying small.
  • And you want to be very intentional about your relationship with money.

Which brings me to the question...

...Are you currently happy with your relationship with money?

Because it is a real relationship. One where you have a say in how successful it is. And like any real relationship, it'll flourish when you express gratitude, communicate with loving intention, and make plans for your future together.

This is a concept that Pippa Haywood introduced to the Growth Habit Crew last week.

Pippa is our in-house mindset coach (although, she prefers to call herself a magic coach, which imo is suiting as she IS magic). She regularly leads the community in powerful inner journeys around confidence + abundance. During this money mindset session, it was awesome to hear the "ahas" as people realized how badly they'd been showing up in their money relationships.

One person who caught the replay even bravely admitted that they'd been an ass in their relationship.

Are you showing up intentionally in your relationship with money?



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