Do This to Easily Increase Your Rates (A Gift)

Dec 23, 2023

How to become THE ONLY option for your Dream Clients.

Whether you've already celebrated Hanukkah, are about to celebrate Christmas, or don't celebrate anything at all in December....

I have a gift for you.

It's an intro lesson from my Content That Creates Clients program.

In this video you'll learn...

  • How + why people make purchase decisions
  • The power of becoming hyper relevant + significant to Dream Clients
  • How to be seen as the only option for people you love to serve and easily have premium rates (so you never have to compete on price)


If you're reading this, I'm grateful for you.


BTW - I'll be sharing my biggest mistakes of 2023 next week
. Including, falling for the classic entrepreneur trap of creating too many offers. With that in mind (and contrary to last week's newsletter), the only thing I'm now offering in January is
 Content That Creates Clients. 

P.S. Special bonus only for you: Sign-up before the end of the year and get a bonus 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with me. This is an exclusive bonus not listed on the program page + only available to those on this list. If you want to claim it, grab one of the remaining 9 spots here and then reply to this email to let me know you're claiming the 1:1 coaching call bonus.

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