Cut Through the Crap + Turn Strangers to Clients

Mar 30, 2024

9 years ago everyone was doing webinars.
7 years ago you "needed" a FB group.
6 years ago a book was a must.
3 years ago it was a challenge.

These days, people will tell you that you need all of those things plus be a speaker, have a podcast, a newsletter, a YouTube channel, and to be on "platform X" to grow your business, depending on what they're peddling.

The truth?

Any of those things can work. So how do you avoid getting dizzy in the noise? You need to understand the six timeless steps that apply regardless of the current trendy tactic if you want to turn strangers into clients.

This one is so juicy that it needs to be broken up into two parts. 

1. Create Magnetic Messaging

This is impossible to do unless you get really intentional about who you serve. This means getting clear + specific about who your Dream Clients are. You could help all sorts of people, but if you're trying to serve everyone, you won't be highly relevant to anyone.

Some things you need to know...

How they describe their challenges.
When do those specifically come up?
What's their deeper why for wanting change?

The goal is for the right people to feel like you know them almost better than they know themselves.

You want people to feel like you're reading their mind when they come across your words. A client of mine was recently told "reading your website was like looking in the mirror". That's the kind of connection you're looking to create.


2. Be Willing to Standout

Having magnetic messaging won't do anything if no one is seeing or hearing it.

You have to regularly get you + your message in front of new people if you want to have more impact. There's lots of ways you can do this: Content, paid ads, networking, cold outreach, or collaborating with others who will put you in front of their audience. But getting in front of new folks on its own isn't enough. 


Do you know what happens when you search for "leadership coach" on LinkedIn? Over 4 million people are using that title. Damn.

How are you going to stand out in the crowd?

You don't have to be loud or flashy, but you do need to be different. After working with close to 300 people, I can tell you that the best way to do this is by being more genuinely you.

That means.... 

Infusing your humour
Showing your interests + hobbies
And not pretending you don't have quirks

You don't need to openly share your traumas...

But in a world full of BS + fluff, people appreciate when you share stories about difficult things you've overcome to get to where you are today. It allows them to connect with you as an individual.

People buy coaches, not coaching.

3. Have a Way for Folks to Raise Their Hands

When you're sharing helpful things online, those who decide to connect, follow, subscribe, or engage with you are paying you in attention. They find what you're sharing valuable enough to give you their time. And within that group, there's a small percentage of folks who'd be happy to pay money instead.

You can give away all your ideas.

And there will always be people willing to pay for a more detailed solution, guidance that's tailored specifically to them and their circumstances, or even just an organized library of all your ideas + insights in one place. If you truly are awesome at what you do, some will even be glad to spend money to be in a more intimate setting with you.

You need to give the folks who want more an easy way to identify themselves.

It could be an invitation to book a call, get a copy of a guide, or join you at a live workshop. There's plenty of ways to do it, but you need to have a way for folks to raise their hand in a way that says "I'd like more".

I'll see you next Saturday with timeless steps 3-6 to turn strangers into clients.

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