Create Better SH*T (The Power of a “Dream Team”)

Jan 27, 2024

He came to the call with a rough version of a one-pager that described how he helped his clients.

By the end of the session, he'd reworked the hook to better grab the attention of the people he wanted to serve, got valuable feedback on how to make it more visually appealing, and had tweaked the main message so it clearly spoke to the reality his clients face. When we were done, he was beaming and said:

"Talk about having a Dream Team!"

That's because I wasn't the only one who'd helped him. There were half a dozen of us on the messaging + content feedback session. It's a weekly call in my Impact Accelerator program.

The list of things that have been created and improved on these calls is pretty awesome:

A TEDx talk.
Landing pages.
One pager docs.
LinkedIn Banners.
New program outlines.
Post + newsletter drafts.
And even a stunning gift box.

Here's three lessons I've learned after seven months of hosting these weekly sessions with brilliant coaches + consultants doing meaningful work.

1. It's Not About You

If you're purely creating as a form of self-expression with zero desire for it to lead to generating interest in your business, that's cool. Keep doing you. Some of the greatest art ever made was created as a form of pure expression.


If you want the message you're sharing to help you help more people in your coaching or consulting business, you have to be clear on who you're speaking to. They have to see themselves in what you're sharing. To do that, you have to be intentional about what you want them to take away from what you're putting out.

With that in mind, these are questions that get asked most frequently in our sessions:

  • Who is the audience for this?
  • What do you want them to feel?
  • How do they describe their challenges/goals?
  • What are the next steps you want them to take?

Use these questions to help you be more intentional with the things you create.

2. Less Is More

While sometimes a person is encouraged to expand on a particular idea, they're rarely advised to "add more" for the sake of adding more. It's often quite the opposite. It's more of a process of reduction.

  • Zeroing in on one message.
  • Deleting things to have less visual clutter.
  • Encouraging people towards a single next step.

But distilling what you're trying to say clearly + concisely takes time which leads us to the third lesson...

3. The Best Stuff is Made in Iterations

We've created an environment in the community where people feel comfortable bringing early drafts + rough ideas to the sessions. This allows them to get valuable feedback from a kind, supportive, and brilliant group who care about their success before they go too far down a rabbit hole.

And the best stuff has come out of an iterative process.

Someone comes with an early idea and gets feedback. They then tweak it and make improvements. Sometimes all the magic happens in one session, other times something bigger comes to life over the course of several weeks.

The final product is better because of the iterations and mastermind effect.

Don't expect to create something "perfect" on the first go. Iterations aren't just normal, they're helpful. So give yourself permission to tweak + evolve whatever you're making.

Do you have a Dream Team in your corner?


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