Be More Memorable + Start Enjoying Your Content

Nov 05, 2022

Read time: 3.5 minutes

Today, I'm going to show you how to find your unique voice so you can stand out and ultimately get your message heard by more people.

The awesome thing about the internet is that everyone can share their ideas and message online without needing anyone’s permission. The downside? Anyone can share their ideas and message. 

It's noisy out there.

When you find your unique voice, creating content becomes easier, you feel more aligned to what you're putting out, and the ideas you share become more memorable. 

Unfortunately, many people's message is forgettable and gets lost in the racket online because...

  • They're saying what anyone else could say without adding their personal spin
  • They avoid saying anything that others could disagree with
  • They're not tapping into their unique talents

Let's show you exactly how you can start using your unique voice.

Say Things that Only You Can Say 

If you're not sharing things that only you can say, what separates you from the hundreds of millions of others putting ideas out online?


When I was a DJ, there was a big divide between those who only got to perform locally and those who got paid to fly to different cities. The difference? The second group produced their own original music. 

There's no way I would've got to play overseas or flown to perform in Miami, Vancouver, and San Francisco if I was just playing other people's music.

There were an extremely small number of DJs who were so insanely skilled from a technical perspective that bucked this trend, but by and large, if you wanted to break out of your regional bubble, you needed to be producing your own music.

There's only so far you can go as a cover band.

What are examples of things that only you can say? A great place to start is sharing original stories from your life and business.

For me that's included stories about mistakes I've made in my business, but also tales about my dad, my first kiss, and the real cost of going cheap on a tattoo when I was 17.

I could've simply said "you get what you pay for" when it comes to investing in yourself but how boring and forgettable would that have been? 

Say Things Some Will Disagree With

So many get this wrong because they're consumed with worrying about what others might think.

They trim their opinions and bubble wrap their thoughts so that no one could possibly call out the edges that stand out. This reduces any potentially interesting or original opinion into something boring, obvious, and safe. Platitudes that anyone could regurgitate.

If you want your message to be magnetic to some, you have to be willing to repulse others.

How far should you go? A post of mine earlier this year led to someone cancelling a call with me. They said "after reviewing some of your content I don't think you're the coach for me".

Did I get worried?

Start wondering if I should start filtering myself? Heck no. Because that exact same post got loads of comments from my current Dream Clients, generated several inbound messages, and led to me signing two kickass clients.

The same post that pushed someone who wasn't a good fit for me away was also captivating to those I'm excited to serve.

So what are things that you have strong opinions about that your Dream Clients would agree with? What are things that frustrate you about your industry?

Talk about those. 

Leverage Your Talents When Communicating Your Message

When you begin sharing things that only you can say while putting out ideas that not everyone will agree with, your message is going to start standing out. If you add leveraging your unique talents as part of how you communicate those ideas, you'll be tapping into your unique voice and making your message more memorable and magnetic to Dream Clients.

What could your talents include?

Video Editing
Finding analogies
Making others laugh
Playing an Instrument
Simplifying complex ideas

Any skill or talent that you can incorporate into how you communicate your ideas.

The possibilities are near limitless. For some of my clients that's meant using puppets and creating hilarious skits where they wear wigs.

Now go start leveraging your unique voice so you can stand out, be more memorable, enjoy your own content more, and get to help more people.


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