Are You Making It Hard for Clients to Hire You?

Aug 05, 2023

Do you understand the why behind these things?

You don't include pictures of yourself in your content because you've got a big ego, or because it drives engagement on some platforms (it does). No. You do it because showing your face allows people to become familiar with you.

Real estate agents have known this for decades.

Buying a house is the biggest purchase most people make in their lifetimes. And folks need to deeply trust the person that's guiding them through that kind of decision. It's no accident that real estate ads are full of pictures of the agents.

They're leveraging the mere-exposure effect.

It's a psychological phenomenon which says people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they're familiar with them. In social psychology, this effect is sometimes called the familiarity principle. As humans, we associate familiarity with preference.

Now you might not be helping people buy the most expensive thing they'll ever purchase.

But it could be the most valuable. What do I mean? If you're good at what you do, working with you can completely transform someone's health, relationship, career, or business.

And let's be honest, it often ends up being all of them combined.

Experiencing a big positive change in any one of those areas spills over into the other buckets of your life. It's incredible. But think about the level of trust that's required to admit you're struggling, to open up about your fears, show your vulnerability, ask for help, and hire a coach.

It's a lot.

Especially since many of us went through a school system that rewarded perfection as part of a society that trained us to believe that asking for help makes you weak. So how to you get people to feel comfortable opening up to you about their struggles?

You go first.

You share stories from your journey, including your fears, mistakes, and messy failures. It's one thing for people to feel you have a familiar face, it's a whole other to create an environment where they feel safe opening up about their challenges.

It's hard to connect with someone who's trying to hold up a facade of perfection.


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