Have Your LinkedIn Profile Enroll Clients for You

Oct 15, 2022

Read Time: 6.5 minutes 

Today I'm going to show you how to turn your LinkedIn Profile into a magnetic page that enrolls Dream Clients for you.  

I've previously outlined why you might want to care about leveraging LinkedIn as a platform. Why is your profile page so key in particular? LinkedIn profiles rank as one of the first hits in Google searches and a LinkedIn profile provides way more awesome features and character space than any other profile out there.  

Many don't create amazing LinkedIn profiles that will help them attract and enroll clients because they're not aware of all the powerful features.  

That or they simply don't know how to fully use them. Set-up your LinkedIn page correctly, and it will act as a magic landing page. When I started out, I signed dozens of coaching clients and did tens of thousands of dollars worth of business before I even had a webpage thanks to LinkedIn and my LinkedIn profile.  

Here's the 7 things you need to sort out to get your LinkedIn page working for you.    

1. Make Your Headline Sing  

Why is this piece so important? It's not only one of the first things someone looks at when they're checking out your profile, but your headline also follows you EVERYWHERE on the platform. It appears in the chat window when you're DMing someone and it's there above every comment that you make on LinkedIn.  

So make it count.  

How? Go beyond the obvious of just having your elevator pitch statement of “I help X achieve Y without Z”. Include a unique brand tagline if you have one (one of my faves is Franciso Mahfuz "Making You More Interesting Than Netflix") or list something different about you that can be a conversation starter. For me that's: Ex DJ + Producer.  

2. Update Your Damn Picture  

Many get this wrong by either having a boring photo or having one that's not up to date.  

Years ago, I worked for an online dating company and part of my job was approving people's profile pictures. The biggest criteria was that your profile picture had to be a clear unobstructed view of your face so that if you were meeting someone for a first date they would be able to easily recognize you in a busy coffee shop. I believe that logic applies here.  

You want your profile picture to make it easy for a stranger to recognize you (note: if you want to laugh, reply and ask me about the criteria we had for the "private backstage pictures" 😂).  

Beyond making it easy to see your face, you want to use a recent picture. One that actually looks like you. The goal is for you to feel familiar when a potential clients gets on a call with you, not jar them because your hair is drastically different or you suddenly have a beard when they meet you on Zoom.  

Want to make your profile picture stand out? Use Canva, Photoshop, or a website like remove.bg to change the background of your image to a fun interesting, or colourful one. You don't need professional pictures to have a profile photo that grabs attention.  

Lastly, unless you're intentionally trying to appear mysterious because that's your vibe and brand, smile or show some emotion.  

It's not a passport photo!  

3. Don't Waste Your Banner

This is your very own billboard, don't let it go to waste. The biggest mistake I see people making other than not using their banner is having an incredibly busy/distracting one that has too much info. If you're trying to emphasize four different things on your banner, you're actually emphasizing none.  

You don't have to be good with design or hire an expensive professional designer to have a nice-looking banner.  

When you're starting out, you can use one of the pre-made LinkedIn banner templates in Canva. Just change the colours to match what aligns with you and your brand. Bam! You'll have something that looks awesome without having to fork out big money.  

This way, you can also easily edit your banner without having to pay someone as you and your clarity around your business evolve.  

When your business is doing well and you have certainty about your message, then you can absolutely hire a pro to design a fancy pants banner for you. Just know it's not required. Much like logos, business cards, and flashy websites, getting wrapped up in the "perfect professional banner" can quickly turn into what I call "playing business" versus doing the things that will actually create clients.   What are things that you can include on your banner?  

  • A unique hook about your offer or the problem you solve
  • Pictures showing you on stage, on a panel, or giving a talk
  • An attention grabbing promise
  • Your company logo
  • A call to action


4. Make Your About Section About THEM, Not You  

Don't be deceived by the title of the About section, it's not actually about you.  

One of the absolutely amazing things about this section is the 2600 character limit you get. It crushes the puny bio section you get on IG, TikTok, or Twitter.

Yes, you'll want a part of this section to talk about you + your journey. But even that should be focused on things your Dream Clients can relate to. While I encourage you to see your entire LinkedIn profile as a landing page, your About section in particular is a mini-landing page within it.   So what do you include in your About section?  

  • Show you understand their pains/frustrations/challenges
  • Mention your promise/offer
  • A mini bio or key bits about you + your journey
  • Results, quotes, or facts that show social proof + authority
  • An invitation or CTA. What is the direct next step you want them to take?

5. Use the Name Pronunciation Feature  

So few leverage this awesome feature. Don't skip it even if you do have an easy to pronounce name. Why? Because LinkedIn is giving you 10 full seconds for you to say ANYTHING and the icon for people to click and hear your voice is right beside your name at the top of your profile.  

Here's what's in mine:  

"Hey there, I'm Robb Gilbear - if you're a purpose-driven coach who wants to get serious about growing your business and your impact, let's talk."  

You need to be using the LinkedIn App to add yours.

6. Intentionally Highlight Things in Your Featured Section  

You're almost there.  

With a kickass headline that follows you everywhere, a banner that's reinforcing a core message, an about section that's making your Dream Clients feel seen and heard, an up to date profile picture that not only looks like you, but maybe even stands out, and your voice in the ears of those you want to serve on the name pronunciation feature, your profile will wow people. The final bow to turn your LinkedIn profile into a magnetic place for people you're excited to serve is putting intentional things in your featured section.

You can think of it as your highlight reel.

You can include posts or external links. What are the most important posts or links you want visitors to your profile page to see? Do you want to drive people to dive in deeper with you on your blog, YT, or Newsletter? Do you have an offer that you're currently promoting? Do you have posts that allow people to get to know you or show the results you've been able to help people get?  

Your featured section can put a big spotlight on any of these!  

To add a Featured section to your profile, you'll have to first turn on Creator Mode on LinkedIn. Once that's done, Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, then View profile. Click the Add profile section button in your introduction section. Click Recommended dropdown, and click "Add Featured" from the dropdown  

Pro tip....

If you're adding external links to your featured section, leave the description section blank. Otherwise, when people click it will become a pop-up window (so they can read the description) vs sending them directly to the awesome thing you want them to see.

Now go make your LinkedIn profile shine so you can help more people.


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