$60K Client (And 7 Reasons Why You’re Struggling)

Jan 06, 2024

I got a crying voice message from a client yesterday. Why? Because they'd just landed a $60K client.

They were tears of f*cking joy.

Their emotional celebration has me reflecting. After working with hundreds of people, I've noticed patterns. These are the 7 most common reasons I see folks struggling to grow a successful coaching or purpose-driven consulting businesses.

But first, this list is based on two critical assumptions...

a) You're damn good at what you do and have client results to show for it.
b) You actually care about the people you serve.

Alright, let's get into it.

1. You're Not Specific Enough

Specific in who you serve and what you help them with. That makes it hard for you to be hyper-relevant to anyone. Which means you're just another one of the millions of coaches or consultants out there.

2. You're Not Reaching Enough of the Right People

Referrals are awesome.

They land in your inbox already pre-enrolled by someone they trust. But if you're wanting more clients than you currently have, you can't just sit around waiting for referrals. You need to regularly get you + your message in front of new people.

And they have to be the right people, which is based on you having clarity on #1.

3. Your Content is Missing ______

It doesn't matter how much content you put in front of people. If it doesn't show you understand them, their challenges, and their deep desires, while illuminating their blindspots/mistakes, showing your credibility, allowing them to get to know you, and providing proof that your shit works, growing your business will feel like you're dragging heavy things uphill.

The opposite is knowing Content That Creates Clients.

4. You're Not Building Relationships

People rarely go from discovering you to "take my money". Once they're in your orbit, you need to be building genuine relationships with them. If you know what you're doing, your content can be making them feel like they're building a relationship with you.

But you have to go beyond that.

That means chatting with folks in the comments, talking to people in the DMs, text, or email, and getting on intro calls with them.

5. Your Offer Isn't Cutting It

If people struggle to see the value in what you're offering them, you're making it tough for them to say yes. It could be that you're offering a vitamin instead of a painkiller, or you could simply be framing your offer poorly. Get this right and you won't feel like you need to sell it.

It will sell itself.

6. You Lack Confidence on Enrollment Calls

Nailing the first five isn't enough. They won't get you the results you're after if you're not also beaming certainty + confidence in your enrollment conversations. You have to be so full of conviction in what you do and how it helps others, that it removes any lingering doubt in the other person.

7. You Don't Believe You Deserve It

Everything on this list takes effort, intention, and time.

And if you don't believe in your bones that you deserve to have a successful business, you'll find yourself struggling to put the required effort in. Sometimes it'll look like inconsistency, other times it'll feel like you're outright self-sabotaging yourself. You need to know, like, and trust yourself.

Now get to work so you can grow your business and help more people.


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