5 Must Tools in My Multiple Six-Figure Coaching Biz

5 Must Tools in My Multiple Six-Figure Coaching Biz

Aug 12, 2023

You don't need hundreds of tools.

You can run a successful coaching business with clients you love to serve with nothing more than your laptop, an account on your fave social media platform, and some Google docs. I made tens of thousands of dollars in my coaching business before I had a website. I just used LinkedIn.

My first program was simply PDF documents that I shared with clients.

I know a relationship coach with a six-figure business who has nothing more than Instagram, a Paypal account, and a few Google docs. They do have a website, but it's out of date and they don't list it anywhere.

You can get it done with simplicity.

But as my business continues to grow, there's five kickass tools that I've come to depend on...

1. Kajabi

I use Kajabi to send my newsletter, host my blog, website, and the online lessons for my programs. It's where I create registration pages for workshops and will soon be where I'm hosting my podcast, too.

Why I love it: I find it easy to use, things look awesome in it, and it's great having so many things connected in one place.

To consider: It's pricier if you're only using it for one or two of its functions.

2. Thrivecart

For everything I LOVE about Kajabi, their checkout cart doesn't cut it for me. The customization is limited and it doesn't have the ability to calculate taxes. This is something that I require as a Canadian business owner.

My solution? Thrivecart.

I love how quickly you can make great looking checkout pages that include testimonials, payment plans, and multiple payment options. It seamlessly calculates taxes if that's something you need and it integrates with whatever payment processor(s) you use. The best part?

You get lifetime access for a one-time flat fee.

It's either $495 or $690 (depending on the plan you choose). And when you compare that to alternatives like SamCart which charges you $79 per month, it makes a massive difference.

3. Calendly

Calendly allows you to easily schedule calls with people without the back and forth game of calendar Tetris. It integrates with Zoom and Google Meet. And not only are most people familiar with it, it's the most widely used calendar booking tool.

Why does that matter?

When you click on someone else's link to book a call, it's often Calendly. When that happens and you use Calendly, you see your own calendar availability right in the tool itself.

4. Loom

Loom is what I use to record video lessons for my programs. It makes it easy for you to record nice videos of yourself either talking directly to the camera or walking through a deck or worksheet.

5. Captions App

There's loads of platforms + apps that can put captions on your videos. I love the Captions iPhone app because it's fast, the AI makes near-perfect transcriptions, and you can customize your captions with different fonts, sizes, and colours in a matter of seconds.

Bonus: Otter

Otter has been a game-changer for me. Want to be able to provide detailed notes to your clients after a call without having to manually transcribe everything? What about instantly giving your clients a full transcription of all that was said in a searchable recording that they could either read or listen to so you don't need to provide them notes?

Otter is your ticket.

Disclaimer: While I won't get anything from most of the above companies for recommending their products, a couple of the links are referral links. That means that if you click them and decide to use the tool, I'll get a small amount as a thank you for introducing you to it. Don't want that? Just Google it and go to the company's page directly.

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