$33K in 45 Days + A $22K Guitar

$33K in 45 Days (And a $22K Guitar)

Oct 21, 2023

What's the story with the guitar on your wall?

"It's a custom guitar made by Paul Languedoc. He makes the guitars for Trey Anastasio in the band Phish. Paul only builds 10 of them a year and it's difficult to get on the buyer's list."

He lit up as he delivered the details.

Then he proceeded to share how his brother previously got one of Paul's guitars and that helped him get on the buyer's list. The guitar cost him $22K. And he stores it in a climate controlled wall-mounted case that costs another $2500.

One of the guitars recently sold for $44K on the secondary market.

Paul Languedo makes almost a quarter million dollars a year by selling only 10 guitars. You've likely never heard of him and 99.9% of humans on the planet have no clue who he is. He doesn't need you to know who he is.

The people that are into him and what he does, are really into him.

That's the power of being willing to specialize. Narrowing down what you do + who you do that for is the shortest path to being seen as, and actually being, an expert. When you become so hyper-relevant to a specific group of people, they'll seek you out.

You can set your own rates.

Folks will go out of their way to tell others about you. You'll get more referrals. And creating content is easy because you know exactly who you're speaking to.

This is exactly what my client Martin has achieved.

He's so specific in who he serves and what he does for them that I can only describe it as micro-niche. It's the equivalent of you saying you coach founders of family-owned plumbing companies to become better leaders. He sent me this update this week, he's brought in $33K in the last 45 days and he's still only coaching part-time.

Is it time you let yourself become more specific in what you do + who you serve so you can help more people?



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