3 Easy Ways to Generate Dope Content Ideas

Jan 07, 2023

Read time: 2.5 minutes

It wasn't always like this.

Being able to share and publish your ideas, instantly, for anyone in the world to see, without needing someone else's permission, is one of the most insanely awesome things about owning a business right now. I remember when it was different. When I owned a record label in the 90s, I used to have to print flyers, pay for magazine ads, and fax info sheets to London, Montreal, NYC, and Sydney to spread the word about my creative projects.

The opportunity we all currently have is wild.

But it can be tough to constantly come up with new content ideas day after day, week after week. Exhausting even. Here's three easy ways to generate dope content ideas.

Peel the Layers Back on Your Passions

Ask yourself: what do you passionately share with friends, clients, or people you're close with that you don't talk about publicly?

If something excites you, it shows in your energy when sharing it. That kind of energy is contagious. To be clear, I'm not saying you shouldn't keep some things private. Certain things are sacred.

But intentionally decide where you draw the line between what you share publicly and what you keep private. 

For example, I rarely talk about my kids. When I do, I don't share their names or show their faces. Everyone else is fair game for me. 

Not only can things you're passionate about be an untapped source of ideas, content shared from here will be more aligned to who you are as a person and feel more authentic to your audience.

What can that look like?

It can be you talking about a topic that you feel strongly about that's related to your industry or niche.

F-ing your funnel and using a rocket ship instead is an idea I'd been discussing privately with clients for ages. The first time I used the rocket ship idea was on a call with a client 1.5 years ago. But I had never spoken about it publicly.

Or it can be you leveraging a passion that is not connected to your business as a way to uniquely communicate a message. 

Maybe you don't dance, but do you draw, take nice pictures, sing, or have a knack for simplifying complex ideas?

Find Story Seeds In Old Pictures

The second way to easily generate fresh and snazzy content ideas? Going through the photos on your phone's camera roll and pictures you've previously posted on other platforms.


If a moment was worthy of you taking a picture or posting, there's likely a story behind it.

All four of these posts below were inspired by me looking through my camera roll or pictures I had previously posted on FB.

Call Out Their Needed Beliefs

The third and final one might be the juiciest of them all.

Answer this question: What are beliefs that your Dream Clients need to have before working with you? The responses will not only provide golden nuggets, but talking about why embracing these beliefs are important can help you enroll clients with your content.

If you're a career coach who helps people find new jobs they love, a belief you might need your Dream Clients to have before working with you could be that updating your resume is no longer enough: To standout in today's job market you need a deliberate presence on LinkedIn.

Examples of beliefs my Dream Clients need to have to work with me?

  1. Although niching can feel scary initially, the benefits from consciously focusing on serving a narrower group with your coaching make everything in your business easier.
  2. You can enjoy getting your message out and enroll more people in a way that feels aligned without having to do "hard sales".  

Now start sharing what you're passionate about more openly, find story seeds in old pictures, and call out the beliefs you need your Dream Clients to embrace so you can easily generate more content ideas and help more people. 


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