$100K Donated to a Centre for Grieving Children

$100K Donated to a Centre for Grieving Children

Nov 11, 2023

In 2019, my client Joe Lyons-Rising had an idea launch his own coaching + training company that directly gave back to a cause he cared about deeply.

But he was scared.

He thought he could only do it in 10 years. I challenged him to rethink his timeline. 7 months later he launched Data Gives Back.

In the 3 years since he's...

  • Become a certified B Corp
  • Crossed $400K in revenue
  • Donated $100K to a centre for grieving children

How has he donated so much?

25% of all the revenue Data Gives Back generates goes to a place called Season's Centre. That's 25% of revenue, not profit. The donation's have helped 63 kids get the support they need as they grieve the loss of an immediate family member. 



How did Joe get here?

  • He had the courage to take the leap
  • I encouraged him to embrace a micro-niche based on his experience
  • Joe got the mentoring + tools he needed to find early success. Including, selling $10K worth of coaching in a week.
  • He continued taking steps forward even when faced with challenges. He focused on building relationships and developing partnerships.

Joe is a genuine inspiration to me.

I recently interviewed him on his journey and the incredible impact he's having. You can catch the full conversation here.

P.S. My eye looks gross in the video. Yes, it was infected at the time. Sorry. ­čśů

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