$0 to $25K months in Eleven Months

Aug 20, 2022

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Today I'm going to show you how you can go from $0 to $25K a month in 11 months. Money can be a weird yardstick to measure with if you're doing this work for the impact and meaning.

Let's talk about that.  

What people are willing to pay you is in direct correlation to the value you can give them. Period. So if you're making great money serving others, you are absolutely making a tremendous impact.  

The steps to go from $0 to $25K a month are simple to outline, unfortunately most people don't follow through with them because they are hard to do on your own.  

While I can't guarantee that you'll reach $25K months in less than a year just because my client did, if you follow these steps, massive progress is inevitable.  

With that in mind, let me introduce you to Martin.  

When we first met, he'd overcome huge difficulties in his own life that had completely transformed him as a person. But he didn't know how to turn these personal experiences and learnings into something he could guide others through. He had some coaching experience as part of his job, but had never put himself out there publicly to coach others.  

He was concerned about looking legitimate.  

Things Martin had going for him:
He was a leader in his industry, had a creative background to leverage, and had done loads of inner work on himself.  

So what were the exact steps Martin followed to go from $0 to $25K months? Let's jump in.  

Dropping Your Concern Over the Judgement of Others  

Worrying about what your old co-workers and well-meaning family members will think is the best way to stop you from putting yourself out there.  

It's also the guaranteed path to ensure that if you do start publishing stuff, it'll simply be more boring BS clogging everyone's feed. You need to be OK not caring what others think. That means letting their judgement (and more realistically your worry about their potential judgement) slide like water off a duck's back.  

If you're never willing to say things others might disagree with or make a statement that could be contrarian to popular views, you'll be safe from judgement.  

You'll also be easily ignorable and forgettable.  

While your old classmate might be a wonderful person and your mom may have the best of intentions, there's only three people's opinions that are worth considering:  

  1. That of your Dream Clients
  2. Those who are further on the path and have achieved what you wish to create
  3. Your own. Do you stand behind what you're saying?

As Dr. Seuss put it: "Those that matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter."  

If there's one thing that makes embracing Dr. Seuss' quote magnitudes easier, it's facing your crap. Letting go of the grip your past has on your present. That might mean forgiving your parents. It could also mean forgiving yourself.  

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies." - Nelson Mandela    


Focusing Your Efforts and Niching  

The fastest way to be seen as a thought leader and actually BE an expert is to narrow your focus.

Imagine for a moment that you were getting into baking. Would you have an easier time becoming known as the the best bakery in town or the maker of the best sourdough bagels?   

Martin's initial idea was to be a mindset coach for executives, athletes, and artists. The problem with that? There are literally millions of mindset coaches out there. If you search for mindset coach on LinkedIn you'll get over 1M+ results.  

So we got him to zoom into a niche to support a certain group of people.  

It's a group that he had experience working with.

That meant he:
Had skills to leverage to provide them value.
Knew how they thought and how they viewed the world.   

They were experiencing huge pain so they were motivated to pay for an expert's guidance to solve it. It's also a group that he enjoys to serve, that meant he'd enjoy the work without needing external motivation.  

As he started showing up online as a coach using my Magic Content Stew™ for having Dream Clients come to you, not only did people resonate with what he had to say, he signed his first few clients.

He more than made his investment back in his first six months while seeing the direct impact of his work on his clients.        


Narrow Your Focus and Iterate Your Offer Based on Data and Feedback  

Being out there and getting real feedback in the field versus in your head allows you to gather actual data on what is and isn't working. For Martin that allowed him to narrow in his focus a couple times until he had a micro-niche serving a subset of an industry.  

Example: coaching Leaders ---> coaching HR Leaders ---> coaching HR Leaders in retail.  

This put him in a category of one. It's just him. He's no longer competing with the millions of other coaches on price.

It's a micro-niche that he knew intimately.

He understood the intricate specific details of their challenges so well that his messaging resonated on a deep level. He could articulate their struggles better than they could. This let him increase his prices and discover a much bigger problem he could solve for his clients.

He created a new 5 figure offer to solve that big problem.    

Embrace Challenges and Be Determined to Figure Them Out

One thing I can guarantee is that you will face unexpected challenges on your journey. Look into the story of any successful leader, athlete, or business owner you admire and she faced adversity.  

It wasn't all peachy for Martin, either.  

There were tears, difficult decisions, and facing some old self-sabotage habits when things got hard. I helped him eliminate big distractions, stay accountable to his larger vision, and supported him through some unforeseen challenges as he was building.  

He was determined to figure it out, no matter what.

With his dedication and my support, he was able to weather the storms while continuing to grow. Now his entire identity of "who he is" and what he believes is possible for himself has completely shifted.  

I know this is possible for you, too. Keep going.



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