You're a consultant, coach, or small business owner who's been told that LinkedIn is an amazing place to get clients yet..



You're sifting through all the free advice  


But it's overwhelming and if you hear one more person say "just be authentic" and "provide value" you might throw your laptop out the window.


You've tried putting out content

But it’s not working. You’re either not getting the engagement you desire or it's not from the right people. You’re tired of the grind it takes to come up with all the content...every week. And your content is most definitely not bringing home the bacon.

You want to connect with potential clients

But you don't want to send
 strangers salesy messages like the ones you've received. Not only do they feel gross, you ask yourself "do these even work?" because they surely wouldn't work with the kinds of people you're looking to serve.



You want to feel confident in what you're doing on LinkedIn and generate inbound leads without the exhaustion, icky sales tactics, or complicated tools.

What if you could be set up for a long-term, profitable relationship with LinkedIn in just 80 minutes?

Sounds too good to be true?
Hang in there, we're going to show you exactly how.



Here's the thing with LinkedIn. 


It's been around longer than FB and it is THE business platform but it has a unique culture unlike any other network. If you don't deeply understand the culture of LinkedIn, you’re missing out. People come on here to CONNECT, LEARN, and GROW. The platform is evolving, big time.



People are way more open to connect with strangers on the platform compared to anywhere else online (other than maybe dating apps ;) ...but... they are sick of impersonal, copy & pasted sales approaches. They've craving interesting content and genuine connection!



LinkedIn Is home to 700 million plus business professionals. It's the greatest virtual network on the planet and loaded with opportunities for your business.  There's loads of free organic reach available, yet less than 2% of the platform is regularly putting out content.


This is where DOPE UP your LinkedIn game comes in.

 It takes out all the guesswork. You will walk away with a SOLID understanding of what works and does not work on the platform and more than enough to actually create inbound leads.


Step #1
Actually Understand LinkedIn

It all starts with comprehending the platform's unique culture, the algorithm, and the behavior it rewards. Remove all the guessing and make EVERYTHING easier. 


Step #2

Get Into the Hearts + Minds of Your Target Dream Client


When you do this your Dream Client will feel seen, heard, and understood by you and your messaging. They’ll feel like you’re speaking to them individually. This creates a powerful and intimate bond.


Step # 3
Create Content and Community That G
enerates Leads

Learning to connect with your audience and GROW your community. Not all content is created equally.


Dial these in and you’ll start to experience what is known as the compound effect: the result of reaping HUGE rewards from small, daily actions.

Once you've Doped Up your LinkedIn game, you're going to find yourself actually enjoying your time on the platform, enjoying your interactions with people, enjoying the inbound leads, but more importantly, enjoying your bank account trending in an upward trajectory.

What people have to say about the workshop


what's covered in the 80 minute DOPE UP your LinkedIn game Workshop.


  • The easy switches to fixing yo’ mindset so you can get out of your own way and start showing up more online

  • The four keys to making the LinkedIn Algorithm happy so it can reward you with fresh, organic traffic to your profile almost daily

  • The five things you absolutely need to know about your target dream clients to create a deep bond that makes them feel like you're talking to them as an individual 

  • How to leverage the difference between generating leads and generating a demand so you don't have to sell when people reach out to you because they already want what you have


  • The five types of posts that will give you (almost) guaranteed higher engagement

  • The simple ways to understand what makes a good lead generation campaign so you can start smiling when you see your DM box light up

  • Exactly how to create your community, your posse, and you crew who will greatly ACCELERATE your growth on this platform

  • BONUS recording of Robb + Doug giving immense context to the content answering questions from a live audience (for a total of almost 2.5 hours of no BS/no filler material in this workshop)


We love LinkedIn because it 
drastically changed our businesses (and lives), for good


Hey, I'm Robb Gilbear

It was 2019 and I was stuck. I'd been bouncing between running my own businesses and working for others since rollerblading was trendy. I'd had "good runs" but never enough to sustain my entrepreneur ambitions long term.

Now with two kids, a mortgage, and a Director-level role salary, I struggled to imagine how I could possibly break free. My dreams to do something with meaning were fading under the pressure of the golden handcuffs. 

The lift I needed came from the most surprising places: LinkedIn.

I'd heard the platform was evolving but had serious doubts. Wasn't LinkedIn just a stuffy network where you updated your profile when looking for a new job?

I. was. so. wrong.

With previous businesses, I'd gotten clients from connecting with people on Myspace, Facebook, and, Twitter, and Instagram. I started applying what I knew to LinkedIn.

The response was almost instant. 

As I begin signing clients and geared up to quit my office job, my launch video went "viral" with over 20k views. Suddenly, I was swimming in more opportunities than I could handle. 

Within days I was getting up at six am and doing calls over lunch to try and keep up.  The choice I faced: turn down clients as I was launching my new business or burnout. I left my job a month earlier than expected to handle the volume.

Other entrepreneurs and coaches started knocking on my door asking me how I'd done it? How did I manage to create loads of inbound leads and clients overseas?

I've now helped dozens of entrepreneurs successful launch and scale their businesses using the exact frameworks and methods that I personally employ.

Hey, I'm Doug Lawson

9 years ago I was a broke-ass teacher. Loved teaching. Didn’t love the vow of poverty teachers have to take to make an impact in this world. 

Needed mo’ money.

Life is expensive!

I dove head first into Twitter. Selling info products in the health and fitness niche. It was a super tough, crowded niche. Filled with “influencers” and industry rock-stars. 

But I soon found out how to use words to attract a crowd and convert them. 

In a little less than a year, I made more from Twitter than I did teaching. 

Soon after that people started asking me to run their funnels and Twitter campaigns. 

I did everything from mindset coaching, dating coaches, SaaS, chiropractors, NLP coaches, B2B companies.  

And I always did it with a middle finger to the fake influencers, the establishment, the big-money agencies. 

In fact, my agency motto is: Anti-Fake, Anti-Big Agency, Anti-Gimmick. 

Then Twitter descended into a pit of vipers trying to tear each other down. It was getting tiring fighting off trolls, doxx threats, and just pure aggressive tactics from competitors. But I don't regret what Twitter taught me: hard-knock copy skills and storytelling makes for a happy bank account. 
I had to find a platform that was competitive yet serious and scalable. 
Boom! Entered LinkedIn. 

I make 6 figs 100 percent using LinkedIn. 

I run my own content marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs and SMBs generate conversations that attract and builds a profitable network of followers.

The kind of stuff our clients send us 


Still have questions? We got you...



This 80 minute workshop will take out all the guesswork. You will walk away with a SOLID understanding of what works and does not work on LinkedIn and more than enough to actually create an income from the platform.


"I set $600 on fire for a shitty course by a so called LinkedIn Influencer, this was legit 1000x more valuable and actionable"