Beyond the free training videos below, the previous issues of the weekly Growth Habit Newsletter (hereare essentially a free course on how to grow your business + your impact.

Four Misbeliefs That Stop Coaches From Growing 

There's four common misbeliefs and misconceptions that stop coaches from getting more clients Are any of these holding you back from growing your business?

The Biggest Mistakes Holding You Back On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an often misunderstood place: it's older than FB and historically seen by many as a stuffy place for people looking for work. If you know what you're doing on the platform, it's an incredible community as an entrepreneur. It's the primary place I connect with clients and get inbound enquires.

Where to Focus Your Attention Online

In this video I share the easy way to figure out where you should focus your attention in a busy and crowded online world to truly standout.

How to Write a Book In 43 Days 

You want to finish a book you're proud of, quickly? Or maybe finally finish the one you started? In this workshop I share EVERYTHING I did to get my bestselling book written in just 43 days.  


My journey hasn't been your typical one. I started my first business as a teenager, did cubicle time in big multinationals, toured from coast to coast as a DJ, and spent half a decade as a People & Culture leader in award-winning tech companies before launching Growth Habit.

Through it all, I've been driven by the desire to understand what makes businesses thrive regardless of the market conditions and what truly makes people more confident, creative, joyful, and impactful.

Since 2019, I've helped over 200 entrepreneurs and coaches in 13 countries launch and grow their businesses.